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T-Peos H-300 - 3 Way Hybrid Reviews


Wonderful transparent ear listening pleasure.


Pros: Clarity, detail, transparency, detachable cables, light weight housings, excellent bass, 3D soundstage.

Cons: Maybe a little bright for some, packaging could be a little more fancy.

I must admit It's been quite a journey with the company T-PEOS since I tried their H-100 going way back to October - 2012. Since then I've heard most of T-PEOS mid tier line up including H-200 hybrid released around March - 2013 which grabbed quite the attention on Head-Fi and probably for good reason as it scored notably high in some reviews other than mine. I still rate H-200 one of the better hybrids for the price range, under $300. The features including detachable cables with consumer friendly price was most welcomed from T-PEOS. Moving onto March - 2014, we meet again with T-PEOS brand new H-300 hybrid, lets see if T-PEOS set the bench...
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White Lotus

T-PEOS H-300 - a neat upgrade.


Pros: Superb sub-bass impact and detail, great dynamic range, excellent overall detail

Cons: can be slightly peaky in certain areas, with specific genres of music

Foreword:   I'm a production manager, but focus mostly on sound engineering and installations. I install and tune a lot of P.A equipment, and also mix live acts. My work environments consist mainly of: - live venues, - concert halls, - bars - nightclubs. - festivals - events I've taken a huge liking to headphones - IEM's in particular. I like the idea of having my own personal PA system that I can take with me anywhere. With Rockbox being in such advanced stages, and such great low-impedance portable amps coming out, you can really seem to get any sound signature you wish out of a portable rig. Enter, the T-PEOS H300. Packaging and accessories   The front and back...
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Absolutely sublime IEM with a fully sick bass, would be a perfect IEM with a better tuned midrange.


Pros: Bass, soundstage, transparency, imaging, timbre, details...oh did I mention the KILLER BASS???

Cons: Midrange, comfort when wore straight down, incredibly bright and crisp treble might offend some people

First of all, a big THANK YOU to @svyr and @H20Fidelity for organising this Australian tour. It is much appreciated, and my humble ears are feeling so incredibly honoured to be included in this tour.   This is the third hybrid IEM from T-Peos that I’ve heard, the first one was H-100 which I loved, then H-200 which I don’t really like.   Apologies for the lack of quality of the photos. I have to be honest these are taken late night, with lack of lights, and tired eyes, as I just realised before I sent it off to the next reviewer that I have yet to take some photos           The components that I used for this review are as follows iPod...
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T-Peos has done it once again. Clarity, clarity, and clarity.


Pros: Clarity throughout the whole range, bass extension

Cons: Peak in the highs (8KHz region), slight sibilance, microphonics

Firstly, I want to start off by thanking T-Peos for providing me with the H-300 for reviewing and testing. I have to admit the beta version before mass production got me confused and disappointed but the revised version, I am much more happy. I really respect the way T-Peos is always trying to find out and provide what the people want to hear and I can tell they are putting in a lot of effort. I also want to thank T-Peos for considering the opinions of many head-fiers overseas although their main target is for people here in Korea.   Intro T-Peos began their brand in March of 2013 under a micro-speaker research and development company called SWP Shinwoo Electronics which was...
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T-PEOS H300: amazing, and great value.... but....treble spike. and cable noise on mic cable.


Pros: Amazing low end clarity and punch, replaceable cable+mic cable, monitor like mids detail, extended and clear highs. versatile. isolation and comfort

Cons: 7-8-9k peak, relatively dry mids, mid-bass impact less than h200, no chin guard on remote cable, cable noise on remote cable. isolation and comfort

First off, I'd like to thank Sunggoo from T-PEOS for making the tour possible and H20Fidelity for running the australian tour . I'll skip the company history and packaging section that @H20Fidelity,@jonyoo have covered very well. I do agree T-PEOS have come a long way and as always look forward to hearing their future products. I wasn't a big fan of H100, but liked H200 enough after EQing. Likewise - you can find the presale link in the H300 sponsor thread Please refer to the FR chart if you want You can find some pictures of H200,H300 and some other IEMs here Build/Accessories/Fit/Isolation The build does feel premium compared to the H200. it looks like as per the brochure,...
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Slightly flawed, but getting close...


Pros: Nice look and feel, free inclusion of cable with phone controls

Cons: Slightly imbalanced sound, treble emphasis and slightly recessed lower mids prevents these IEMs from excelling

I am reviewing the H-300s as part of the Australian tour and for that I must say a sincere thanks to @H20Fidelity for coordinating the tour and of course T-PEOS for supplying the tour unit.   Reading previous reviews, the H-300s have received mixed reports so I was looking forward to trying these with equal parts curiosity / doubt and excitement. Every mid-level hybrid IEM I've tried so far has missed the mark by a fraction so I'm still looking for the one that gets it right. Comments from others on the tour had me concerned that the H-300s might have a little too much treble energy, but others still said it wasn't as hot as other offerings on the market so what's my...
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Big bass slam with impressive clarity throughout


Pros: Bass, bass, bass. They do also have impressive clarity and detail throughout the spectrum

Cons: Hottttt treble, a bit big and clunky

I've just packed up the H300 loaner ready to send it on its merry way, thanks to H20fidelity for organising this. My impression largely accords with those above, a big V-shaped sound sig, with fantastic bass. The clarity and detail across the spectrum is great too, but the treble is too hot. A couple of folks have said they're like a DBA02 with more bass, that's bang on for me.    Build and aesthetics: Build quality on these is pretty standard, acceptable for the price but nothing spectacular. The housings are big and stick out of your ears like a couple of little corks. I would say they are strictly for audiophiles in this regard, but there are plenty of popular...
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An Excellent But Flawed IEM


Pros: Bass, Detachable Cables

Cons: Midrange, Hot Treble, Price

First of all, I’d like to thank T-Peos and H20Fidelity for including me in the tour and making this review possible. Now, I’m not going to dwell too much on the accessories, packaging and stuff and go straight on to the sound. For the review, I ran them off my iBasso DX90 and I also used it with the O2, which synergised quite well. On we go with the mini-review then.     Sound Quality The H200 received quite a of praise about how it sounded but I never actually heard it. I was really looking forward to hearing what T-Peos would be able to do with their new flagship. When I first heard it, quite frankly, I was shocked. It was in one word, dreadful. The bass was nice, but...
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d marc0

T-PEOS H-300: The Could've Been...


Pros: Great Bass Response, Superb Clarity, Imaging, and Detail, Wide Soundstage

Cons: Lower-Treble Peak can be too harsh for some...

    T-PEOS is back with their new flagship hybrid! The H-300 is getting heaps of mixed impressions from everyone who got their hands on them during the pre-sale promotion. Some ended up selling theirs in a few  days, others are still figuring out if it’s a keeper, while a handful of people claim that they sound really good! My first impression of them was great that I ended up selling my beloved H-200. That is really a drastic move considering how much I value the H-200, my favourite IEM for heavy metal. Whether I'll end up regretting my decision or rejoice that I’ve finally bought myself a pair H-300 will be revealed at the end of this review. Special thanks to Kwon...
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Unmistakably high-end, high quality IEM


Pros: Immediately impressive lows; Exceedingly transparent and resolving mids; Resolving and aggressive highs. Great soundstage + separation.

Cons: Some moderate 8-9K sibilance. Somewhat thin sounding mids.

Despite a couple "flaws," what it does right, it does amazingly well.  I would wager it competes very favorably in the company of > ~$250 range IEMs.  More details found in the impressions thread. This is not a full-blown review.  I just wanted to add a rating and justify it. Ratings explanation Value (4.5/5):                       Offers more quality than I was expecting for the pre-sale price. Audio Quality (4.5/5):            I would give audio quality a full 5 if not for the 8-9k spike.  Not going to detract for sound sig preferences. Design...
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