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This is What a Flagship Should Be

A Review On: T-Peos H-200

T-Peos H-200

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Pros: Clarity, Build, Liquid Sound, Accessories

Cons: Sibilance at Time, Soundstage, Driver Flex

I'll admit that I was a skeptic at first. My go to universals for the last 4 months have been the GR07 BEs. They hit way above their price point so I haven't really been looking for an upgrade. A few weeks ago I came into a pair of Sony MDR 7550s which were traded for the H200s more out of boredom than interest. Well, the H200s surprised me.


I've been A/Bing them against the BEs for the last week and the T Peos have finally won out. Even though their soundstage is pretty minimal, the payoff in clarity and SQ is more than enough to make up for it.


Here's the rundown:


Treble: Very detailed (think TF10), a touch rolled off at the extremes, prone to mild sibilance, but this is related more to tip choice and source quality.


Mids: Very smooth and upfront. Not Grado upfront, but not as recessed as most V-shaped sigs. Very fun.


Bass: Nice mid bass and a medium extension. Sub bass is present, more felt than heard. Once again, very fun and versatile.


The only qualms I have about these guys are the occasional driver flex, smallish soundstage, and microphonics. Hopefully an upgraded cable will help with microphonics and soundstage.


Here's to being pleasantly suprised!


EDIT: The price of 0 I paid was because they were traded.


"Basically, as the nozzle seals with your ear, and you push it further in, pressure builds up in the IEM housing, and the pressure is partially relieved by warping the least rigid wall of that chamber, which would be the driver. This only happens on Dynamics because they have bigger drivers and armatures operate in their own sealed units, and not in the main IEM shell."
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