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Budget IEM of Wonder from T-PEOS

A Review On: T-PEOS B-100

T-PEOS B-100

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Pros: Cheap. Clean. Light. Fashionable. Soundstage

Cons: Hard to fit, Lacks bass extension

About myself: http://www.head-fi.org/t/674373/story-of-a-new-reviewer-kimvictor


So, I'm used to reviewing more high end things, and I don't have much experience with lower end iems. However, when I bought the T-PEOS H-200, I was given a B-100. I was too busy with H-200 till recently, when I tried the B-100. I was surprised, in a good way. So here comes my review:


I'll start with pics.

<br />

B-100 and its contents. AK100 and Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII are sadly not included.

<br />

Comparison with T-PEOS's flagship, H-200. B-100 is on the right.

<br />

As you might notice, they are fashionable, unlike most BA iems that I know.

<br />

B-100 with AK100+Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII. A marvelous set up. Oops! Wrong pic. That's the H-200, not the B-100.


Here is my break down. (This is the typical thing I do for reviews) (BA stands for Balanced Armateur. In this case, it's a Knowles BA)

My reference is UERM. (Check my sig for review on the UERM)


T-PEOS B-100

Price: 27,000won, shipping included. About 23-25 USD.

Comfort: Decent. I have weird ears, so I have issues with them staying in my ear, but it's comfy.

Build: Solid. The connection by the iems seems a bit flimsy, but overall very good.

Amping/Source: I used AK100+Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII for this review. Haven't tried anything else yet, because I love that set up.


Sub-bass: This iem was tuned with about 8db bass boost, yet it lacks real deep extension.

Mid-bass: Surprisingly very good. I expected crappy loose bass, but the bass is very tight and punchy. Also has good amount of mid bass.

Lower-mids: Flat. There is nothing too special. Bit grainy.

Upper-mids: Slightly forward and shouty. I like it this way though.

Lower-treble: Slightly shouty but has good presence and clarity.

Upper-treble: Surprisingly extended and clean, typical of BA.

Clarity: This is why I'm reviewing this iem. BAs are known to be clear, but iems like SE535 proved that claim wrong. However, B-100 made me reconsider that claim. Very good clarity, especially for less than $30. I have heard nothing at this price with such good clarity.

Detail: Decent. Definitely above average for a $25 iem.

Soundstage: Wide. It has a bit of reverb, creating a specious feel. This may be bad, but considering that this iem wasn't made for reference purposes, this reverb makes the sound much more enjoyable.


So it's a stylish mainstream iem tuned for more audiophile sound. It's know to be one of the best price/performance iem in Korea. Considering the price of this iem, it is truly a great buy(although I got it for free).


Please ask if you have any qustions.


8db bass boost compared to the uerm?
That sounds about right.
But T Peos included a frequency chart with the iem, ao my 8db reference is coming from the graph.
is the chart available online?
No idea. Sorry. I think it is on t peos website.
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