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Swan M200MKIII


Pros: Loud, clear, soundstage, attractive, inexpensive

This is only my second pair of high-fi computer speakers. My first were the M-Audio AV40. This is a huge improvement, for only $270 more. Coupled with my NuForce µDac-2 and lots of Lossless CD rips and HDTrack HD downloads, they're a real joy. For less than $600, I have sound that rivals the $2,000 system I bought in 1984.


Unboxing photos and a little more text at billstclair.com/swan.

Swan M200MKIII

What's new about the M200MKIII one might ask? What isn't. Everything has been changed with the exception that the design still includes the same German fiber dome tweeter as previous revisions. A brand new long-throw woofer was designed to take full advantage of the increased power output allowing for deeper bass and a broader dynamic. The amplifier was completely redesigned into a 4 channel amplifier by-amping the tweeter / woofer in each cabinet separately while supplying twice as much power as the MKII with an impressive 120W RMS nominal power. The old crossover design was removed in favor of an active filter design.

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