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SW-Xcape: bassier sister of RE0 and RE-Zero

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Pros: warmth, speed, details, sensitivity, satisfactory bass, fit, price

Cons: visual styling

Disclaimer: I received review sample from Sunrise Audio for free.


Sunrise SW-Xcape


I would compare Xcape to RE0 and RE-Zero, like most did here at head-fi. And I place a conslusion first:

Any day I will prefer Xcape to both RE0 and RE-Zero.

Why? See the quote from my review RE-Zero vs RE0 - SS vs tubes:

Both belong to those rare dynamic earphones able to compete with armature IEMs in speed, clarity and resolution. Both are on a lean side of neutrality, I would like to have more bass, but I yet to find bassier $100 IEM with the same level of SQ.


With XCape I finally have the satisfactory bass with subtle (if any) loss of other qualities. Yes, mids of RE0 and highs of RE-Zero are tad better. But I had to amp them to shine. Unamped, RE0 is slower and RE-Zero is dryer in comparison to Xcape. Add here that I do not use portable amps now and you will get a picture - Xcape is a clear winner to me.

Sound sig: Amped or not, Xcape is not inferior to REs. It rather suggests alternative sound signature with more body and fun at the expense of some very subtle details. This is what I prefer, so Xcape is better all-rounder to me. And it keeps this advantage either it is amped or not. When amped, Xcape also improves on SQ, like REs do, and keeps a parity.

Comfort: Xcape is a bit better in terms of fit to me. I prefer over-the-ear style with all of these three IEMs. Due to the bended strain reliefs and differently shaped shells, Xcape is more comfortable to me.

Are REs obsolete now? No. The final choice depends on your source and genres preference. If you prefer acoustic music and use amps, then I heartidly recommend RE0. For unamped listening of electronic music or movies, some may prefer RE-Zero. If you are unamped and listen to almost everything, like me - choose Xcape then. If you already have any of REs and it suits your needs well - keep it, the differences are subtle, all three IEMs mentioned here are pretty similar. If you do not like any of REs much, keep away from Xcape as well - it doesn't offer night-and-day difference. Basically, I may describe Xcape as a blend of RE0 warmth and RE-Zero sensitivity.

Drawbacks: I much prefer REs visual style, especially RE-Zero gunmetal color. Xcape looks cheap in comparison (though it is cheaper indeed). Included tips choice are also better with REs, though Xcape repays this by the included case.


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