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Pros: Sweet bass and surround effect, sturdy design, remote control

Cons: Need equaliser to adjust for treble lovers,

Excellent for bass and subwoofer lovers. A little too  opaque for lovers of transparent sounding headphones. Booming, warm and reverberations but not overpowering to muffle the lyrics. By using a DAC and head amp, I adjusted the equalizer to give me a really pleasing effect with indie rock songs like 'Bring it on back' by Matt Wertz, 'Sweet Sophia' by Stephen Kellogg'  and 'When we were young' by WAZ, 'Colleen' by Griffin House and A--B by Matt Hires. Warm, balanced and competent handling without making the songs too bright and clanging like some transparent headphones. Warm fuzzy feeling. 


In terms of price range and sound profile that leans towards the bass,  Sony 650 edges ahead in being more pleasing. 


I am keen to give them away to the first bass lover whom I am fond of. 

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Driver - 9mm dynamic neodynamium magnet Frequency range - 16Hz-22KHz Impedance - 16 Ohm Sensitivity - 98Db @ 1KHz Distortion - <2% Connector - 3.5mm gold plated, silicone rubber, stereo Cable - 1.2m TPE insulated and Kevlar reinforced Microphone - Proprietary digital MEMS technology http://www.soundbysweden.se/inear.html

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