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Decent headphones, amazing for price.

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Superlux HD669

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Pros: Isolation, cables, replaceable pads, clear/detailed sound across full frequency spectrum

Cons: Clamping power, default pads result in sweaty head, some EQ necessary to fully bring sound to full potential



I've had these for about a week now, and I have to say I like them more each day.

At first I was rather worried about purchasing them, because other reviews were saying that the bass was slightly subdued and the mids/highs were more prominent; I personally prefer a warmer sound, so it was a bit of a gamble buying them. However, I'm so glad I did - although at first I did feel the bass was a bit quiet, I installed Equaliser APO (http://www.head-fi.org/t/649389/a-free-parametric-equalizer-for-windows-vista-7-and-8-that-doesnt-need-asio-or-vst-it-works-inline-at-the-os-level) and after experimenting first with editing the text file, then finding a GUI (linked in the same thread), I boosted the bass to where I wanted it, lowered the treble slightly and it sounds lovely (to me) now. On my phone I use Google Music, which has a basic equaliser itself, so I did the same thing there and it's all fine and dandy.

For the price, I could not have asked for more.


Now to build a bit on my pros/cons.



  • Isolation. These headphones are fabulous at cancelling out the outside world, and leak very little sound.
  • Cables. The fact that I have a shorter 1m portable cable and a longer 3m one is great. Really useful when I'm home to have the longer one, but having a shorter one stops tangles and confusion when out and about. Although the male jack on the actual headphones is very unusual, Superlux also provide a little clip to hook the headphones to the cable, which although simple makes all the difference - often removable cable headphones can get yanked out very easily.
  • Replaceable pads. As you can see in my cons, the default pads were not my favourite. However, they're easily removable and transfer with any pads for a variety of AKG/Superlux headphones which are available pretty cheap on eBay. Alternatively, there is always a sock mod.
  • Clear/detailed sound. Using these headphones I noticed various things about tracks I had not before. Even with my bass bumped up a bit the clarity has remained in the higher frequencies, giving a clear sound picture.



  • Clamping power. When I first put on these headphones, I was suprised by the strength of the clamp. Being rather light, I didn't think they would clamp so hard. I had to leave them stretched over a set of books overnight to stretch them out a bit. I'm sure they'll wear in a little, but I found it a bit uncomfortable at first, though they are improving as time goes on.
  • Default pads. The default pads are pleather, and because of their fully isolating nature I've found my ears get a little warm and begin to sweat under the pads. I'm sure a sock mod would sort this.
  • Some EQ needed. As I said in my summary, I had to boost the lower frequencies using EQ slightly to get the sound I wanted. I do not feel that these headphones are lacking in bass, but the higher frequencies are certainly louder. I have tried bumping the bass way up as an experiment, and I can say that they could handle as much bass as I could give them - well, but they needed a bit of adjustment to get the bass at the same level as the mids/highs.


If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.


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