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Superlux HD669 Reviews


Decent headphones, amazing for price.


Pros: Isolation, cables, replaceable pads, clear/detailed sound across full frequency spectrum

Cons: Clamping power, default pads result in sweaty head, some EQ necessary to fully bring sound to full potential

Summary   I've had these for about a week now, and I have to say I like them more each day. At first I was rather worried about purchasing them, because other reviews were saying that the bass was slightly subdued and the mids/highs were more prominent; I personally prefer a warmer sound, so it was a bit of a gamble buying them. However, I'm so glad I did - although at first I did feel the bass was a bit quiet, I installed Equaliser APO (http://www.head-fi.org/t/649389/a-free-parametric-equalizer-for-windows-vista-7-and-8-that-doesnt-need-asio-or-vst-it-works-inline-at-the-os-level) and after experimenting first with editing the text file, then finding a GUI (linked in the same...
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Great headphone, especially for the price


Pros: Sound clearity, Isolation, Detachable cable, Lightweight

Cons: No velour pads in the box

I've been using this can for a week now, and I can tell I'm really happy with it. I wanted to buy another model (Superlux HD-681 EVO) but it was unavailable in any retail shop in my country. I'd prefer a semi-open build, because isolation could be a problem after prolonged use for me, but in the other hand it's great because you can listen music fairly high volumes without any sound leakage. As I use it in an open office environment, I have to admit it was a good choice to go with a closed back design.  The sound clearity is great, the sound is fairly flat, hights are crispy, and the bass is deep enough to observe all the lows even in ...
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Clear and wide dynamic range, but the treble dyeing


Pros: High resolution and wide dynamic range, great detail, deep bass

Cons: Super clamping force, sweat , treble dyeing

Playback Info: DAC: Pure Audio Lotus DAC3 (Dual ES9018 chips + XMOS USB). Amplifiers: DIY Mark Levinson  JC2. Player: Foobar2000. Source: PC lossless files through USB to DAC.   Sound Impressions:   BASS: Clean and good bass extension, but not thick, you can easily hear low-frequency detail, will not have a roaring sound.   MIDRANGE: A lot of details, though a bit tone dyeing, quite suitable for symphony orchestra instrumentalists, if not very concerned about the tone.   TREBLE: The bright tone sounds crisp but not to sharp, overtone extends quite good, not prolonged listening fatigue.   CONCLUSION: Clamping force is a very big...
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Pretty good, but there are even better value options available


Pros: Isolation! Decent build quality, nice sound, detachable cable

Cons: Clamp is high, head-band-wings, Very bright (personal preference, you may like it)

SUPERLUX HD 669 Review & comparison with HD 681-EVO.   Take what I say with a grain of salt, I have not experienced many headphones and I've only had the 669 for a fairly brief amount of time. I'll keep the review sections nice and short, so you don't have to sift through waffle.   Build quality Good. Better than the 681-EVO. whereas the EVO has plenty of glossy, pretty light & hollow feeling plastic, the 669 is all matte and feels more solid. It is a more solid feeling headphone overall, I feel like this is helped by its increased clamp and weight compared to the EVO (not a huge amount heavier, but noticable). The build is all very simple, I really don't see how...
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One of the best I had so far.


Pros: Not too expensive, Flat, nice build quality, good bass

Cons: The materials are cheap, sharp treble, these cans are huge, not very portable if you want to use it outside.

So, I bought these during my birthday, though I first thought of buying the 688B and I thought the headphones were the size of a small pair.  But I was wrong. Instead of an HD668, I bought these. A really big pair of cans that you can't take out of a studio or a house.   Anyway, the first time I wore these, I already liked them. Though it takes some time to getting used to if you're used to small sized headphones or if you're not used to a sharp treble. You'll get used to them anyway.   For the design, it looks quite plain, it's just matte plastic lolz, matte, cheap, plastic to be exact.  Though this may be the case, the build quality itself is quite good...
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They keep getting better


Pros: Neutral, fast, wide and engaging

Cons: Earpads are not nice, you need to tweak the headpads

I received these when I ordered the 688b  But still, I'm happy with them.  Bass is somewhat subdued but still present.  Highs and mids are very nice.  I am listening to them now with a portable amp, tcg t-box, and they have benefitted from this.  They draw me into the music. Yay,
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