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Superlux HD 681 Reviews


Beast after damping mod!


Pros: Great soundstage, deep bass and punchy, crisp and intimate treble. Cheap.

Cons: Require damping mod atleast for the high treble. Need sturdier ear pads.

Without mods it's quite decent headphone but after modding it becomes very good. High priority is to get treble down atleast. I have been using cotton wool pad and three layer of thin active carbon filter paper to reduce treble. And bass needs also little dampering too. I have been using one cotton wool pad inside each cup to reduce bass and making it more punchier. Build quality is not super. I'ts plastic and quite easy to broke but also easy to repair. Also it's very cheap headphone so no big deal if it's get broken :) Also it's comfortable headphone, lightweight, gentle clamping. 





AWESOME SOUND can't beat these for price and they re tough too .My teens love em and steal them on me all the time to watch movies with or listen to music ,me too LOL .Long cord can get tangled around things not it self so much tho and comfy to wear too.The bad too big to wear out or carry around ,these are made for home use .PLEASE NOTE since these are an open design you ll still hear the TV and people around you in the back ground so if you want total quiet try one of their closed back options !

So I bought the 681 B cause I thought it stood for "black" ! (Edit because of filter mod)


Pros: Cheap, good basic sound, cheap, decent build quality, cheap, includes carrying bag, cheap, self-adjusting headband and did I mention it's cheap ?

Cons: Harsh highs (solved by the filter mod), a bit tight clamping, all plastic (but makes it light) and not solid feeling.

I'm member on a forum for bassguitar players and since a few years the Superlux HD681 are the most spoken of headphones on there. Because of the price vs basic sound quality. After I bought the DT770 pro it seemed funny ordering this one on top, for comparisment and good for recording too. Because I really dislike the one with the red rings I bought the one with silver rings, not realizing that it has a different sound. But it looked cooler, that's a lot to be said here... Let's roll !   Build quality: Okay, so what does one expect from €19,95 headphones ? They're made entirely out of plastic, but don't look too cheap. They have some thight clamping force and the self-adjusting...
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Simply awesome budget monitor headphone


Pros: light weight, good clarity and high bass

Cons: stiff and sweaty ear pads, wire length option and portability

When the package reached, my first impression is... honestly cheap. Simply a plastic wrapped with a hard cupboard holding the HD681 which i understand because of considering the budget. The headphone comes along with a 6.3 mm plug adapter and carrying bag. Then I hold the headphone, surprisingly light weight and it fits my head quite well (my head is quite small). Unfortunately I realise the ear pads are quite hard and if used a long time it will become sweaty (tropical country :D). For musics, so far all genre is good to go, and with amp and tuning equalizer the result will be more impressive. I'm just a normal home user who enjoy music but not in professional way so it is consider...
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Pros: Sound quality, accurate reproduction, comfortable, price

Cons: Not portable, fugly

Reading reviews is one thing, as we all have our own subjective opinions, but when something receives a majority of praise, I think it's worth a try.   When the 681's arrived, I wasn't impressed with the packaging, but they looked as I expected them to look. They feel pretty durable and the look is retro, I can't see myself taking these outside since they don't fold up and they are kind of fugly.   Looks aside, the sound from these is nothing short of amazing.    I'm running them out of my Dell Inspiron 530 desktop (Core 2 Quad) with a Behringer UCA222 in the signal path. The files are all WAV or FLAC.    The 681's are very easy to drive, I...
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Judge Buff

$35 Wonder Cans


Pros: Soundstage, clarity, balanced sig with good bass, price

Cons: They aren't perfect... The ear pads are not the best. Not for the huge-headed, but what cans are?

People are dissing these for their looks?!? If you are buying any full-sized cans because of their sexy factor, you need to reexamine your priorities. If you haven't heard these, I'd bet you take them home when you do. For the tiny bit of $$ you'll pay, these are absolutely the best sounding cans you can purchase. College students, people on fixed-incomes and the thrifty audiophile will especially love these. Replace the pads with velour ones, if you want. The cans will still sound good and they may be more comfortable. As good as they sound and as cheap as they are, who cares how they look? If that's an issue, turn off the light when you listen to them. Lets face it, some Grados look...
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Good budget headphones


Pros: Deep sounding bass and lots of detail.

Cons: Comfort issues, resonance

The bass goes nice and low with adequate impact.  Not too much to say about the mids.  These things have too much in the high-end. They can be pretty shrill at times though a bit though an EQ helped a lot.   Comfort is definitely the worst thing about these. They clamp a lot and the earpads are made of a cheap, sticky, hard, pleather that peel off of your skin. BTW, Any earpads that fit the AKG 240 will fit these and I highly recommend replacing them; it's worth it.  The AKG styled self adjusting headband is actually quite comfortable and I like it though it's also a pretty cheap pleather.   Build quality is sub-par but for this price it's decent. I...
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Perfect for iBuditis sufferers and headfiers with a bit of pocket change.


Pros: Cheap. Gigantic soundstage. Excellent mids. Punchy bass. Easy to drive. Do well with EQ. Comfortable. Has dozens of modifications.

Cons: Piercing highs. Will not satisfy bassheads without EQ. Look kind of stupid. Semi-open design makes for a good deal of leakage.

Setup: Windows Media Player (Variable Bit-Rate WMAs at approximately 300kbps) -> PreSonus AudioBox USB ->Superlux HD681   FOLK/ACOUSTIC   Barton Hollow (The Civil Wars): Simply put, these cans make this song sound HUGE! Right from the get-go, the HD 681s impressive soundstage makes evident intricate panning on guitars, drums, strings and vocals. The kick drum is refined and tamed but present, and the male and female vocals sound superb.    Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (K.T. Tunstall): The HD 681s brilliantly emphasize the hard panning of this song's drums, making this much more obvious than my Audio-Technica ATH-M50s (yeah, sure, open vs. closed...
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Great Value Headphones


Pros: bass response, design, value

Cons: K240 "knockoffs", plasticy

Here's a bargain bin favorite that has withstood the tests of time. It may remind you of value headphone (the AKG k240) but before you label it some cheap knockoff, take some time to give it a listen. No, the Superlux does not outdo its AKG brethren, but instead offers a bassier, "fun" sound that is perfect for the $37 asking price. (Also, I cannot speak about packaging I tried the headphones off a friend)   Appearance/Build: In terms of originality, this is a complete failure. But that aside, these headphones will look polarizing to any non-dedicated audiophile. That being said, let's face it: the K240 is probably one of the better looking studio headphones out there, and...
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The Bar is Set for Sub-$40 Performance


Pros: Nicely tight bass, excellent articulation for the price, better than expected isolation

Cons: Piercingly bright. Red accents are not my thing. Does not resolve sound as well as much more expensive headphones.

For a while, I was going out and buying all of the little Flavor of the Month headphones, searching for that actual "giant killer." Some of them I found to be pretty solid, others I was a little disappointed that there was so much hype for them. The one FotM trend that I found the most interesting, though, were the East Asian headphones that copied the designs of other companies and then put out a sound beyond their price -- companies like Superlux and Takstar. What attracted me to the Superlux HD 681s were the measurements that Tyll had on them from Inner Fidelity -- flat response, low price, high value sound. I bought them and they didn't disappoint.   The design felt solid,...
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