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A Review On: Superlux HD-681 EVO Black Professional Monitor Headphones

Superlux HD-681 EVO Black Professional Monitor Headphones

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Pros: Clear, natural sound, nice bass, wide soundstage, fixed treble

Cons: Cable issues, bulky design

These cans need cc. 50-100 hours burn-in time to give you the best performance. Their sound is very good for the price. In some cases I even prefer them to my girlfriend's Sennheiser HD-650 (you can buy ~10 EVOs for its price), because the EVO has a very natural, realistic sound, while the highs of the HD-650 are rolled back and it sounds a bit artificial to me sometimes. Unfortunately there were several reported issues with the cables, Superlux should pay more attention to fix these. My first EVO had a contact failure in the right channel, but my friend could fix it easily. The biggest problem of the earlier models, the piercing, hissing highs are fortunately not present anymore, the treble is clear and not fatiguing in the EVO. It works fine with some portable players, but has volume issues with others. The impedance is only 32 ohm, but the sensitivity is quite low. It is really bulky and looks stupid on the street. But for home use...

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! beyersmile.png


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