Superlux delivering another unimaginably awesome pair of headphones; The Best Yet!

A Review On: Superlux HD-681 EVO Black Professional Monitor Headphones

Superlux HD-681 EVO Black Professional Monitor Headphones

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Pros: Major Upgrade from the previous HD681's, Deep Bass present and discernible, Bass not over-powering, Treble and mids in check

Cons: Bulky design, Semi-open bleeds quite a bit at high volumes, Pads make my ears moist

Being my first review on Head-Fi, I'd first like to introduce myself. I'm known as Project Collider; I play guitar among many other instruments and record often by myself and with my band.

I'm a previous owner of the HD681, HD668B, and the HD660.


First things first; what improvements have been made or setbacks felt from the previous HD681?


At first glance it is clear that Superlux redesigned the shape and feel with the evo's. They look, oh! so much better; they feel good on the head and light weight, but at the same time there is a bulkiness to them, not to mention the pads after about 20 minutes moisten your ears and head. I do reside in the Sonora, so I can't completely blame the moistness from the design.

Side note: the design looks like the icemat/steelseries siberia v1 headphones.


I've tried the Evo's on three different rigs since I purchased them. Even on my laptop, containing an okay audio card, these things really sound fantastic and are easy to drive with just the stock driver software. Now on my main rig, I have a top of the line RME sound card; I am seriously considering selling off a couple of my beyerdynamic and sennheiser headphones since I got these.

I can't find a reason why I would ever spend between $70 - $300 for headphones anymore; the Evo's literally match anything in that price range (with the exception of a couple closed headphones).


The sound stage is wider than the previous HD681, the sound produced is much more neutral than the HD681; almost if you were to mix the HD668B with the HD681.

That deep bass is finally felt with the Evo's and pronounced at that, but not overwhelming like you find with a very bass central headphone (Monster Brand among other garbage). 

I've found that I use these most for my guitar monitoring and am loving the change up. Unfortunately they aren't closed, but there is a closed version; just really hard to find outside of Taiwan.

I love how perfectly neutral they are; extending from the lowest bass to the highest treble and popping those easily forgotten mids into the full hearing experience.


In conclusion, there isn't enough positive things I can say about what Superlux has done with the HD681 Evo's, (Original name HD681 MKII, but was abandoned for evolution).


So, go out and buy these NOW!!! Audiohipster currently has both the black and white in stock.


How do the compare to say the 668B in the highs? Those where somewhat harsh and grainy.
You write they sound is perfectly neutral.
I hope they still have the subwoofer bass like the original hd681? I hate neutral or analytical headphones as they are dead-boring but that's just my taste.
These cans have a very exciting sound, believe me. The bass is deep and abundant and the harsh highs were fixed. You will definitely not miss any of them.