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A Review On: Superlux HD-681 EVO Black Professional Monitor Headphones

Superlux HD-681 EVO Black Professional Monitor Headphones

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Pros: Construction, Comfort, Sound stage, Bass

Cons: Not the most revealing or detailed headphone

I'm still a newbie in the headphone category, just starting to try out all the hyped ones like SRH840, HD650/600 etc from the beginning of this year.


Now I'm left with this, HD600, and DT880.  I'm thinking which one of HD600 and DT880 to sell at the moment, so HD681 is certainly doing something right here.


In terms of absolute detail there's no contest here, HD681 looses, but for overall performance at such a laughable price, it's certainly a keeper.


Nothing wrong with the construction, plastic but yea, it feels solid on hand.  A minor complaint that it's not foldable, but with semi open design this is not for outdoor use anyways.


Comfort wise I find them very suitable for long hours of use(especially with the velour pads replacement).  To me they are just as comfy as both the HD600 and DT880.


Bass extends quite deep down there, quantity wise it's certainly boosted.  I don't find it bleeding into the mids though.  Certainly more bass heavy than HD600/DT880, but this makes HD681 more enjoyable for pop music.  Due to the bass, I will categorize the overall sound as warm(definitely more so than HD600/DT880).


Mid does its job, don't find it recessed.


Treble is just the right amount for me, less bright than DT880 but sounds like a tad more in quantity than HD600.


Sound Stage is excellent for its price, certainly feels more 3D than HD600 to me


As for source, they sound just as good to me with xonar dg and audio gd 12.1, which make sense as it's not the most revealing headphone.  Unlike the JVC S500, the HD681 does benefit from some minor amping, especially if you're going from a mobile source like ipod or mobile phone.  Pairs well with bright sources IMO.  A warm source/amp may make the bass too bloated.  




Overall, well... Can't think of a better deal than this in recent head-fi gears, maybe the Sony MH1C...


one more thing to add
the hd681 evo sounds heavenly with imod/c&c bh2 combo
the overall sound is very engaging and spacious
for those who owns this mini-amp, another reason to buy the hd681 evo! 
I use the HD681 EVO cans in the office and find them very comfortable to wear for long periods and they have a very laid back sound and do not fatigue my sensitive ears. I highly recommend them, particularly at the very attractive price. 
very much agree with what you've said
the sound signature is laid back but the treble is right on in terms of quantity, not missing or recessed, to me this is a rare combo and something i've been longing for
it's also good for gaming imo, not sure about office use as it's semi open
i think the 681 evo is good for those who are just starting on headphones and buying a first pair for cheap
For those already using more expensive headphones, this works well as a secondary pair to plug into the pc for gaming and casual listening
Just received the EVOs based on your recommendation (and others')... I would like to have changed something about your review though, the title... Less is more, you know... :)

"Grab one now" - end of story! :D

I'm definitely glad i grabbed them! ;)
So much sound for the price, suites some modern music way better than my HD 598's due to the higher amount of bass in the EVOs, not as much detail though. However, thank you for your review sir, hope a lot will see it in the future!

Kind regards
haha glad u grabbed one without stabbing me in the end :P  i'll rem what u said in future reviews... less is more, how true
i owned hd598 before, sold it due to the lack of detail compare to the hd600.  you may want to consider the hd600/EVO combo also... EVO for PC use/everything pop and bass heavy, and hd600 for vocals/classical/anything u'd like to be neutral
Lack of detail? Wow, never thought I would ever hear that said about the 598's, but I haven't tried the HD600, so I wouldn't be able to make a comparison, however, I have a hard time thinking I'll get rid of my HD 598's anytime soon, such a fun pair! But everyone have their own taste I guess! ;)

Thank you for your time, I'm planning on doing a small EVO review myself relatively soon, as I believe these "little" fellows deserve much more attention! :)