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Superlux HD-681 EVO Black Professional Monitor Headphones Reviews


Excellent Sonic Bang for Buck


Pros: powerful, engaging bass, beautiful vocals and guitars, excellent soundstaging

Cons: bass can be slgihtly sluggish at times, mids may seem slightly recessed

Introduction   This is a review of the Superlux hd 681 Evo, Version II. It is my first review on Head-Fi, so bear with me. The particular Evo under review here has roughly 40 hrs of burn-in time on it and you should be aware that many knowledgeable Evo users feel the proper burn-in time for these cans is more in the 150-220 hrs range, so keep that in mind when reading this review. The Version II is the newer of the Evo's and comes with an extra set of velour pads and two lengths of cable--one about right for portable players and the other, much longer one, for home use. There is a bag for the cans that seems rather smallish for the very ample HP of their intended joinder. Mine came...
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Amazing value for a small budget


Pros: Clear, natural sound, nice bass, wide soundstage, fixed treble

Cons: Cable issues, bulky design

These cans need cc. 50-100 hours burn-in time to give you the best performance. Their sound is very good for the price. In some cases I even prefer them to my girlfriend's Sennheiser HD-650 (you can buy ~10 EVOs for its price), because the EVO has a very natural, realistic sound, while the highs of the HD-650 are rolled back and it sounds a bit artificial to me sometimes. Unfortunately there were several reported issues with the cables, Superlux should pay more attention to fix these. My first EVO had a contact failure in the right channel, but my friend could fix it easily. The biggest problem of the earlier models, the piercing, hissing highs are fortunately not present anymore,...
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Very impressive!


Pros: deep and defined bass, warm, light, sturdy and easy to modify

Cons: big cans, isolation is weak, lack of airyness unless modified

I got those from thomann.de for 28€, shipping included ;-) I own and am used to Sennheiser px-100, cx880, Etymotic hf2.  I wanted to get detailed headphones like Etymotic hf2, but warm, and comfortable for longer period of time.  After investigating many models, reading review & comparisons, and actually testing headphones on my own, I got settled with Superlux 681EVO White.    With Superlux 681EVO i used:  -3db for 30-150Hz, +4db 1-6 kHz.. extra +2db for 4kHz additionaly Those settings produce very balanced, yet worm and detailed sound. This makes every kind of music nice, but well mastered jazz and orchestral music is very impressive.  Sound...
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Insanely good sound at an insanely cheap price. I now have no interest in owning any other full size cans except the HD-800.


Pros: Cheap, nice looking, lightweight, comfortable, big, smooth spacious sound, deep bass, nonfatiguing overall character, brilliant cord design,

Cons: They should come pre-modded. Slightly bloated bottom and a some mid bass cloudiness.

I can't get over how much I love these cans. Except for the slightly bloated bottom, which doesn't reveal itself on most cuts, these sound as good as anything I've heard except crazy expensive stuff like HD800s and the original Orpheus. I like them better than the HD 580/600/650, K/Q701, and Beyer DT-880's, all of which I own now (not for long) or have owned for years. I absolutely love the big, easy spacious sound and the fact that they don't need an amp, which I consider a huge PItA. The proof of how good these are is, I can't take the damn things off! Un-modded they have some serious problems, but switching to the velour pads (included) and removing the foam discs reduces the problems...
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Samueru Sama

A great headphone hidden behind its big brother



Cons: Somewhat slow mid-bass, slightly recess mids, Build quality.

Well, I've been using these for 10 months, and I realized that I havent done a review for them, so here we go. This is also going to be a comparision againts the Superlux 668B.   First, I have to say that these headphones are somewhat underrated, they're way less popular than their brother (668B), and these deserve as much attention as the 668s or even more!   So lets start, Evos and 668s have two things in common, their soundstage and their V-shaped sound, the rest is diferent. Although both have a V-shape sound, Evos are also warm, with a great sub-bass thats really present and shines with Classical music and Jazz. (While 668s are really poor in that aspec howeer 668s have...
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Stunning Quality for its price


Pros: Sweet Bass, Dramatically improved Mids, and Low Price

Cons: Midrange is harsh and lacks transparency

Superlux HD-681 EVO Review  The Superlux HD-681 EVO is a pioneer in the world of audio quality. As this is a budget headphone, I will be critiquing, and comparing it to other headphones similar to it in price to sound correlation. This headphones had a distinct V shaped sound signature, and is intended mainly for listeners of modern genres, such as hip-hop, rock and pop. Older genres such as classical and jazz will not sound near their full quality with these headphones. The Superlux HD-681 EVOs are a worthy replacement to its predecessor, the Superlux 681 (older version) in both sound quality and aesthetics. The improvement in sound quality is mainly present in the...
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Solid pair of budget cans.


Pros: Comfortable, Good Sound for Price, Nice Bass

Cons: Cheap Build Quality, Awful Cables

Worth the money for anyone wanting a cheap pair of headphones. Won't blow anyone away but for $40 you can't do much better.   Build quality is lacking and the cables really suck, so these do have a definitive lifespan on them. Mine lasted me about 4 years.

Superlux HD681EVO Quick Review by mark2410


Pros: Stupidly cheap. Stupidly good sounding. Badonkadonk bass.

Cons: Look cheap and plasticy. Feel cheap and plasticy.

Superlux HD681EVO Quick Review by mark2410   Thanks to GearBest for the sample.   Full review here http://www.head-fi.org/t/805775/superlux-hd681evo-review-by-mark2410   Brief:  They may look cheap but they sound anything but.   Price:  US$32 or £23   Specification:  Headset type: Dynamic, Connectivity: Wired, Connecting interface : 3.5mm, Application: Mobile phone, Computer, Sport, Portable Media Player, Aviation, DJ, Cable Length (m): 1m, Driver unit: 50mm, Frequency response: 10Hz-30KHz, Impedance: 32ohms, SNR: 98dB, Input Power: 300mW ( max )   Accessories:  Package Contents: 1 x Headset, 1 x 1m Cable, 1 x 3m...
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Amazing cheap headphones!


Pros: Sound quality, price, value, modern design

Cons: Not so good comfort with leatherette pads

I bought my headphones after thorough information on this site. That's why I thank to all who wrote a review, giving information to others. It helped me a lot! I'm very pleased to have a copy of those astonishing headphones. They have a stunning sound quality for the price. Having this in mind, I can overlook other characteristics such as build quality, materials etc. My conclusion: Highly recommended for those who look for sound quality but still don't have a little fortune to spend.

Grab one now if you're on tight budget or just want another spare computer headphone


Pros: Construction, Comfort, Sound stage, Bass

Cons: Not the most revealing or detailed headphone

I'm still a newbie in the headphone category, just starting to try out all the hyped ones like SRH840, HD650/600 etc from the beginning of this year.   Now I'm left with this, HD600, and DT880.  I'm thinking which one of HD600 and DT880 to sell at the moment, so HD681 is certainly doing something right here.   In terms of absolute detail there's no contest here, HD681 looses, but for overall performance at such a laughable price, it's certainly a keeper.   Nothing wrong with the construction, plastic but yea, it feels solid on hand.  A minor complaint that it's not foldable, but with semi open design this is not for outdoor use anyways.   Comfort...
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