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Excellent Headphones for budget!!

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Superlux HD-668 B

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Pros: sound is crystal clear, bass is deep, comfortable

Cons: treble is exaggerated so you need to EQ, need AMP

I am upgrading from my Panasonic RP-HTX7s, which i thought were amazing but now....I have to take that back. I also thought they were huge but the HD-668Bs are much bigger. As far as the sound goes I can only compare to what I had so here goes..


I've had the Panasonics for over a year and they were beginning to sound different. The Treble became more pronounced and the bass was loose and distortedish...they werent blown just probably overused. I only noticed those issues at higher volumes. Nonetheless, out of the box these Superlux's are very bad as far as treble goes. I read the reviews and I was prepared to AMP them up and EQ. I used them with my phone for a little bit and it's true you can hardly hear the bass.


I found that lowering the 8K nob on EQ helped relieve the overbearing highs and made them sound balanced. I dont have an official AMP but I own a samson GoMic which if you've used one, you'd know that it pumps out some serious power from the output (atleast it did for my Panasonics). So with the combination of adjustments I couldn't believe the sounds I was hearing! WOW! sounds i never heard before. AND THE BASS?? I turned up the bass in the Samson GoMIC audio settings and these bad boys can pump some serious bass...and unlike my panasonics they can handle the power!! They don't even rattle at all even at full volume!! 


Overall I am very impressed and very happy with this purchase, I might even get a real amp for portability. I will keep this review updated if anything changes.


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