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The most impressive mediocre sound I have ever heard (lolwat)

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Superlux HD-668 B

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Pros: "Cold", upfront, well balanced

Cons: "Cold", tight clamp (at first)

I purchased these at the end of December as a gift to my self (YEAIMLONELYSO). I did an unfathomable amount of research on headphones that were geared towards "gaming". I had my eyes set on the 555's and was about 30 minutes away from pulling the trigger, then these things popped up. $50 bucks, knockoff, cheap materials, why would I even consider them?


Holy asdkfljadslfds I am glad I did. The 668b's are not an "impressive" headphone, they are more of a honest, truthful headphone. These are considered "cold" as opposed to "warm". There is no hiding anything from them, if you have a ****ty file, you are going to get ****ty audio. There is no layer of icing catered onto whatever you are listening to. Time and time again I have heard crackling, and I became utterly pissed that I bought a knockoff, but guess what, I was listening to a sup-par audio file. 


When I first started playing with them, the hi's made my eyes water, but after about 40 hours or so of burn-in they have become tame. The mid's are fantastic, and excel extremely well for my original reasoning of purchase, gaming. The bass is (I would say) just about perfect. There is no lingering rumble after something hits the bass, it is tight, compact and kicks just the right amount. My favorite thing to do now is crank it up, sit back, and enjoy some music. I listen to a wide variety of music from electronic, classic rock, "rap" (or whatever modern rap would be called), country, some metal, and pop music every now and then just to impress my self with how well these things sound.


From what I have seen, reading reviews on headphones is the same thing as asking people if they like oysters or not (or some other acquired taste food). A person's enjoyment of audio seems to be as expansive as their enjoyment of taste. Please take this into consideration.


To conclude, I absolutely love these headphones. They are well balanced, easy to wear (after some break-in), and will never fail to impress me. I'm no audiophile, but I believe I can distinguish good audio from the bad. These were an upgrade from my UB3R L33T G4MING HEADSET, and my god were they ever. Ontop of that they were fifty bucks! 


just bought mine today before i read your review....sounds like i made the right choice. thanks a lot for the review!
My HD668B highs never tamed up, but I got used to the way they sounded, so it didn't bother me anymore. They really are nice for the money, and punch above their value as well.
These puppies love burn in like a fat kid loves cakes. Pink Noise works well for me
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