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Amazingly good headphones

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Superlux HD-668 B

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Pros: Neutral sounding :-)

Cons: Neutral sounding ;-)

I recently got these headphones from a german online store after reading the raving review at headphonia.com. While it left me quite sceptical, I thought ca. $35 isn't that much of a risk to take and they'd even be worth the price if they just had a decent sound quality.

But they haven't. They have an incredible sound, just like the reviewer at headphonia and the previous reviewer here have described it. They are very detailed, very much extended into both directions of the frequency spectrum and sound just wunderfully neutral. The highs are brilliant but not shrill or sibliant, the bass is punchy but not muddy and overwhelming, the mids are tight and precise - it's just everything there as it should be, nothing added and nothing left out. If you prefer a more coloured kind of hi-fi sound like the Grados are known for, these cans aren't for you. If you prefer a neutral, "honest" kind of sound, I doubt you'll get any better cans below $200. Personally, I love the synergy the Superlux show on a crossfeed. It "warms" up the sound just to the right amount, giving a slight boost in the bass and further refining the headphones convincing soundstage. I prefer that combo to most much more expensive headphones I know.

The only thing, however, that constantly reminded me of wearing a headphone was the pressure of the pads, which made my earlaps hurt after an hour. I solved this problem by adding a little spacer (made out of paper tissue...) to the back of the earpads. Considering the headphones quality it would also be worthwhile to replace the "pleather" earpads with some higher quality AKG ones.

Another detail I love about this cans: they come with two sturdy, detachable cables (1m and 3m, combined 4m) to ideally suit your needs. Great idea!


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