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A Review On: Superlux HD-668 B

Superlux HD-668 B

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Pros: Cheap, good details and clarity, detachable cable

Cons: Cheap knock-off like, painful treble, missing bottom end

Just generally good and hard to find fault with.  Not really deep low bass, but enough to be pleasant.  Mid-bass has good presence and there is excellent clarity and detail in mids and highs. I found soundstage to be a little congested and overall a bit of a "thin" sound.  While many people have praised these, I find them a little boring to listen to.  The highs do not have an audiophile-grade "zing".  Clamp force a bit high at first and ear pads could be more comfortable.  A little more closed than semi-open so soundstage is not that wide.

While sound is excellent I'm not a fan of knock offs and these are knock offs of AKGs and ATs.  If they had their own style I would buy more Superlux products, but their entire lineup seems to "borrow" design cues from others.  It's too bad, because sonically they're excellent though after some time of listening I did not enjoy the highs as much.  That tells me it's easier than we think to make good sound, but coming up with a great looking headphone - that's worth paying extra for.


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