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CAD MH-310/Superlux HD662F - comments

A Review On: Superlux HD 662 F

Superlux HD 662 F

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Pros: Good sound quality, decent soundstage, separation, layering, easy to drive

Cons: Clamping force (easily remedied), treble not for everyone

Just wanted to make some comments on the CAD MH310 - a rebranded Superlux HD662F. I will be referring to them as HD662F for the remainder of whatever this is im writing to avoid confusion tongue.gif. I bought a pair Superlux HD681 at the same time and will just compare the two, along with a few others.


- The MH310's seem solidly built; abit more sturdy than the HD681's and my old Samson SR850's (another rebranded Superlux). They have different pads from the HD681, SR850; they're thicker, softer, and more comfortable. One thing that bothers me a bit, there is very slight driver flex when I put them on or adjust them after a few hours of use. First time ive had this happen to me on a pair of full-sized headphones. Guess it might just be my pair.


- Comfort is pretty bad at first, at least for me and my big head =). They clamp pretty hard, but that's easily remedied by bending the top metal wires abit.


- Isolation is very good as expected from a closed headphone



General signature is slightly v-shaped. The mids on HD662F aren't as recessed as they are on the HD681s


= Bass quantity - HD681 = HD662F

= Bass extension - HD681 = HD662F

=== I can hear both go all the way down to 20hz with a similar drop-off between 20-25hz

= Bass impact - HD681 < HD662F

=== The HD662 hit pretty hard. Even harder than my FA-011s. I guess this has to do with the closed design.

= Bass quality - HD681 < HD662F

=== Bass seems more detailed on the 662Fs, again this might be because of the closed design (smaller headstage).


- Mids quantity - HD681 < HD662F

--- Mids are a bit under neutral for the HD662F (at least to my ears). Vocals seem more distant on the HD681.

- Mids quality - HD681 = HD662F

--- Mids on both headphones sound...'dry'. I hope im using that term correctly. Vocals seem to have less 'life' in them compared to my FA-011s and DJ100s. Sorry to use such vague language here, im still learning ;). Good mid detail and clarity on both headphones.


+ Treble quantity - HD681 = HD662F

+ Treble extension - HD681 = HD662F

+++ Both extend pretty well up to 16khz, drop off at 17khz and above

+ Treble quality - HD681 = HD662F

+++ Bright, peaky treble for both headphones, same with the SR850 (from what I remember). Im starting to think Superlux wants this as part of their house sound or something. It isnt really bothersome for me as im used to it, but with the HD662F's smaller headstage it can become fatiguing even for me. The emphasized treble creates a sense of air that helps contribute to the overall presentation.


@ Soundstage - HD681 > HD662F

@@@ Wider and deeper on the HD681 (SR850 is about the same as HD681 FWIR) because of the semi-closed design. The HD662F's is pretty large, though, for a closed headphone.

@Imaging, separation, layering - HD681 = HD662F



The MH310/HD662F sound pretty similar to the Samson SR850, just with a smaller headstage. I like them but do prefer the sound of the HD681's more, and will be returning the MH310's.


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nice review though
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