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Unbeatable for the price.

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Superlux HD 662 F

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Pros: Clearity, wide soundstage (despite being closed)

Cons: Mids are a little recesed, and these are full sized cans(ie not for portable use)

When I listen to these headphones, I can't believe how much I paid for them. I honestly believe their true value to be twice what it is.

Having said that, these cans aren't spectacular. The plastic is a bit too weak, the rubber covering the wire is easily scratched/cut, and the padding makes me ears a bit sweaty.

Now for the sound quality: The crystal clarity of these cans surprises me every time that I put them on. Also the high end is exactly what I was hoping for, which is to say that it is impactful, clear, sharp, and just a touch harsh.

The mid section is a little too recessed for my liking and the low end is a bit lacking. Both of which aren't a very big deal for me at all, but is you are looking for cans for rap/heavy metal(I had to eq the bass up to make listening to Eminem wholly enjoyable), then look elsewhere. If, however, you plan to listen to classic rock, most alternative rock styles, or anything close to The Gracious Few, then you will be delighted with these cans.


*EDIT* That review was with about 40 hours of burn in. I thought that the sound had stopped changing so I wrote that review. However, as I approach the 100 hour mark, the cans are really just now becoming completely burned in. I recommend to anyone that buys these cans: Let them burn in for at least 100 hours before making your decision.
Everything is finally completely settled as far as sound goes(I didn't realize that the sound was still changing).
The comfort has improved as the materials have begun to relax and give more. The highs are still just as sharp, detailed, and beautiful. The bass, however, is what has really changed. The overall quality of the bass has increase(more textured is the best way i can describe the change). It sounds as if the bass now goes further down, it has a deeper quality to it.

I also never feel the need to eq the bass up at any point, even while listening to rap. In other words, the bass has become more pronounced.
The mids I don't think have changed much if at all. However, with the increase in bass, the recessed nature of the mids becomes more apparent. That is my one and only complaint regarding the sound quality.
These cans sound so natural and real. When a snare hits, it sounds like there is an actual snare in the corner, not like a digital reproduction. Bass drums sound like bass drums should, and bass guitars have the texture to them to really allow you to enjoy a nice riff.


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