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Superlux HD-662


Pros: Beyerdynamic Signature with Phat Bass, price, weight, great for EDM

Cons: Clamp on the head after a while in out-of-the-box tension level, need velours and tissue stuffing to make them super comfy 100%

Combining these with a budget audio chain can yield excellent release of their full potential.........my final DAC/OPAMP cleared up what I felt were muddy mids...



For the PRICE, these are excellent as an alternative to the mainstream entry level crap.....that is how I view them, not as a contender against $300+ audiophile cans, but a good few notches up from anything you can find at this price point...and you can move your saved cash over to the hardware below if it looks good to you !


I found my sweetspot with this audio chain below for EDM after about 3 months of tinkering...........For 200 UK pounds total I got this lot of hardware including the cans......(price not including Audirvana+)


OSX------>Audirvana+ (spacious detailed soundstage with right settings) (iZotope 64bit-SRC sample rate converter + up-sampling)---> clunky GUI, smooth as silk FLAC PLAYER.


HiFimeDIY USB Isolator ---> (Their site says bigger soundstage and instrument separation and I have to agree)


HiFimeDIY Sabre U2 Asyncronous ES9023 DAC ---> (The big brother of the Sabre DAC, this puppy takes care of the timing as your computer slides all over the place dealing with 20 x task at once. ESS sig is simply amazing even on the little brother chip)


Fiio shielded 3.5" interconnect. (Bye-bye "alien.fm" EMI suck)---> ( I had an issues with EMI being near my fan and all that ...solved)


BSG 18 volt altoid amp with LM4562 opamp. ( LM4562 in high performance category in opamps review by NwAvGuy. High detail and separation) Ability to easily roll opamps in and out of this Altoid amp till you find your sweetspot if LM4562 is not to your taste.------->


Superlux 662+ stuffed, taped on velours. (The poor man's Beyer DT-770's with a dash of Phat bass)



They are my 'fun" throw around headphones (you have to say "FUN" with cheap headphones as we are all serious audiophiles and have to distance ourselves from the cheap stuff we like/love...)

Superlux HD-662

Superlux HD-662 studio headphone, dynamic, closed, 98 db SPL, 32 ohms, 10-30.000 Hz, 200 mW, lenght of the cable 2,5 m, 3,5 mm stereo jack, incl. adaptor to 6,3 mm stereo-jack, weight (without cable): 286 g, incl. carrying pouch, for onstage or studio use, high noise attenuation, self-adjusting headband for great fit and maximum comfort

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