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Superlux HD-660 Reviews


The Price is Right


Pros: Versatile response, good outside noise reduction, comfortable, passable stock pads

Cons: The tradeoff for the price is the build quality, they are a little too light for the size and the material is questionable.

Out of the 4 budget headphones I have picked up over the past year these contend just fine.    My 4 budget headphones are as follows:   1.  Takstar Hi2050 2. Superlux HD668b 3. Takstar Pro80 4. Superlux HD660   1 Being my favorite, 4 being my least favorite of this list.   Do not hold my ranking against the Superlux HD660s, they are actually my everyday headphones at work because of their noise isolation and unique look.  However, they don't have anything unique in their sound to set them aside from the rest.  The Hi2050s and the HD668b's are both open (HD668b's "semi open") so it is not fair to pin them head to head with the very closed...
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Very nice sound, great value.


Pros: Punchy, solid yet unexaggerated bass. Enjoyable signature.

Cons: Pleather pads

I like them. They are not ruler flat or reference grade but they are fun. Much better than my HD-681. I like them better than my HARX900 but not as well as my Senn HD-439 or HD-598. I'll be ordering DT770 velour pads. Got these on your want list? Go for it!

Under appreciated and under-rated phone, probably due to power requirements


Pros: Great isolation, reasonably comfortable even with glasses. Very listenable sound signature.

Cons: Require a good amp, not the headphones for use with your iphone or tablet. pads are fragile, wire between cups is flimsy and subject to breaking.

The sound signature on these can be described as almost "Grado"esque.  They have a mid/high forward sound that makes them great for guitar rock.  They don't have the harsh treble that is characteristic of most of the Grado line and a lot of the other Superlux models.   Soundstage is good for a closed can and better than the HM5.   Compared to the Brainwavz HM5, I find the 660 to be tighter and more controlled bass with slightly more exaggerated mids.  Compared to the ISK-2011 I find the sound more V shaped and more fun.   The ISK is a good monitoring headphone but is not nearly as musical for the genres I typically listen to.   For Rock...
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Fantastic cans on the cheap


Pros: Punchy bass with the right amp, yet not loose. Enjoyable.

Cons: The pads will tear in no time. Design is very dated. Lacks bass.

*The soundstage is pretty good for the price but only so-so in a grand scheme of things. It's very "listenable" or rather, enjoyable. It doesn't disappoint in any genres or even gaming although ... yeah. Don't want to do that.   At first it was rather harsh on mid-treble but after burning it in it is very smooth on the treble now. It does lack bass once you listen to a neutral headphone in comparison on the other hand which is strange given it's a closed headphone but the details are not perfect and it's not flat.     The best part is the price. I got these for 57$ SGD shipped. My next target is the HD-662. I bought the HD660 out of accident but i'm not even slightly...
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