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Superlux HD-660

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Pros: Punchy, solid yet unexaggerated bass. Enjoyable signature.

Cons: Pleather pads

I like them. They are not ruler flat or reference grade but they are fun. Much better than my HD-681. I like them better than my HARX900 but not as well as my Senn HD-439 or HD-598. I'll be ordering DT770 velour pads. Got these on your want list? Go for it!biggrin.gif


Pros: Punchy bass with the right amp, yet not loose. Absolutely enjoyable.

Cons: The pads will tear in no time. Oh, maybe 300ohms. Design is very dated.

No it's not flat by any chance and it may need a bigger soundspace but I have no love for semi-open headphones. It's as big as a soundspace you may get on a closed headphone.

But it's very "listenable" or rather, enjoyable. It doesn't disappoint in any genres or even gaming although ... yeah. Don't want to do that.


At first it was rather harsh on mid-treble but after burning it in it is very smooth on the treble now.

I am using two HP amps, Biggermouth A1 and SMSL sApII.

The A1 has incredible clarity on the HD660 but the bass is loose. Definitely has a tubey character, very warm and lovely.


The sap2 has awesome mind blowing clarity and the entire sonic range is absolutely tight. That's what you'd expect for something with a OPA2134 and TPA6120A2 of course ... But I use it if I want ruler flat sonic qualities.


The best part is the price. I got these for 57$ SGD shipped. My next target is the HD-662. I bought the HD660 out of accident but i'm not even slightly mad.


Oh yes i'm buying "velvet" pads for the 660 as a test.

Superlux HD-660

The HD660 is a closed dynamic headphone for the most demanding professionals. The accurate sound profile and comfortable headband make the HD660 the perfect monitoring headphone for recording studios, post production or broadcasting applications. With a carefully tailored frequency response, the HD660 offers an excellent clarity of sound with a natural and balanced character. Soft earpads and adjustable, sliding earpieces, together with a single-sided connecting cable, ensure listening comfort during long term use. A durable plastic storage box ensures secure protection during transportation.

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