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Studio V Anniversary Edition Reviews


Great sounding old school player

Portable audio became my hobby some year and a half ago, when i bought my first expensive headphones. I discovered lossless formats, loudness war, this website. I experimented with so called high-res audio. I was trying new headphones. I replaced my old mp3 player with Cowon x9, then Fiio x3, then Sony Walkman NWZ A10. I switched for more expensive Audio Technica ES10 headphones. Two months ago i was browsing head-fi and discover existence of Studio players from Hisoundaudio. Old school look, exceptional battery life, good references about their sound, powerful output, no necessary functions or big display. It was all i wanted. My dream player actually exists. I did my research and choose...
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Hisound Audio Studio V 3rd Anniversary Edition - A “Jekyll and Hyde” experience (at first) - but you can fix :)


Pros: Size, Build, Battery Life, Sound Quality (stellar!)

Cons: UI, Boot Time, Lag (scroll / software) - only with pre-installed firmware

EDITED AGAIN 4th DEC - FOLLOWING FIRMWARE ADJUSTMENT Introducing HiSound Audio’s TOTL DAP – The Studio V 3rd Anniversary Edition   Studio V3 A.E. Sonic Joy - V3 A.E. + RS1   After reviewing many of HSA’s earbuds and IEMs lately, my thoughts turned toward buying a new DAP.  My iPod Touch G4 (32 GB) had been getting pretty full, and I’d been tossing up between simply getting the iPod Touch G5 (64 GB) + an add on amp (probably an Arrow) so I could drive my higher impedance full cans, or buying a DAP that could do an all-in-one job.  I asked Jack from HSA for his opinion, and he steered me toward the Studio V3 A.E.  We...
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From The Audio Journal Of A DigitalFreak - Sound Byte: Studio V 3rdAnniversary Edition


Pros: Great Sound, Transparent, Grat Battery life

Cons: The UI Sucks

I recently decided to take a bit of a chance and buy blind into a new DAP. Over time I've slowly become more and more tired of the mainstream Apple/Sony/insert company name here MP3 players on the market and their lack of audio capabilities. Nowadays my player of choice is the iPod Touch and although I very much like my iPod's UI interface I've gravitated towards using a mobile amp to bring the players sonic signature up to speed. Although results have been very good I'm now finding myself becoming more and more tired lugging a two piece brick around so much so I've decided to give the so called boutique audiophile DAP market a shot. After a little nosing around on head-fi and some...
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The Pretty Brick


Pros: In review

Cons: In review

  Well, this one has taken a while for me. First of all, thank you Jack for letting my participate in the promotion, it was the only was I was able to afford this! :rolleyes:   So, a little background info here. I've gone through quite a few DAPs once I decided to try to make a main portable rig. I started from a modest Clip+, which as we all know is the gateway drug. It made me want an E6, then an E7, then a CMOYbb, and finally a C421. My DAP went to an Ipod, and finally a DIYmod. I thought the DIYmod/amp combo was my end game. It sounded great, had a TON of storage, and had that sexy “Head-fi stack” appeal. But something still didn't feel right. It was a bulky combo,...
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Hisoundaudio Studio V 3rd Anniversary Edition Quick Review


Pros: Sound quality, battery life, sound quality, real buttons.

Cons: Erm, not sure there is any really. The UI isn’t stellar.

Full Review at http://www.head-fi.org/t/634747/hisoundaudio-studio-v-3rd-anniversary-edition-review   Hisoundaudio Studio V 3rd Anniversary Edition Quick Review   Thanks to Hisoundaudio for the sample.   Brief:  Hisoundaudio updates the Studio V.   Price:  Circa US$450 or £265 (pre HMRC.)   Specification:  Good Question, I don’t know bar what’s up for the Studio V.   Accessories:  A US plugged USB power charger, a USB cable and a pair of the PAA-1 earphones.    Build Quality:  Not as perfect as the sharp edged old one but it’s still essentially a block of machined...
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Amazing Little Brick


Pros: Neutral, Analytical sound, Loads of Details, Solid Build, Battery Life

Cons: User Interface Can Be Improved,

With the latest version, Hisoundaudio has improved on the hiss by redesigning the circuit. Build quality has also improved from the previous versions, with better machining of the aluminium.   Most importantly, sound is still as amazing as ever, up to par with higher end players such as DX100 and Colourfly C4 IMO.   Compared to the earlier version, this unit has less hiss and more refined highs, Battery Life kicks the ass out of every player in the market. Charge it once is enough to last me 2 weeks :)    

Hisound Studio 3rd Anniversary


Pros: Sound, Battery life, size, power, looks, durability

Cons: UI just OK and while acceptable with even high efficiency IEMs, hiss could be lower, Limited to 24/48

The player, for lack of a better word, is dramatic but not artificially so. More like it has the ability to bring home the soul and intentions of a song. There's a tangibility here that you don't get from other all in one players. Music often has a personal message or story that a performer is trying to relate and it's the hardest thing kit has to do. Call it goose bump factor but it won't show up in specs. This player can transport you there.   It's not perfect. The ui could be more refined (but it's fine), the display larger(but it's fine), quieter (but it's fine) and sonically, it just sounds great in a natural presentation yet dynamic sort of way. It's close enough to...
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Great DAP


Pros: SQ, can be used as an portable amp,size and battery

Cons: user interface

the Studio V is an DAP made by hisound. There are two firmware on this DAP, dynamic and BA. I will be using the Dynamic firmware in my review and the IEM that i will be using is UM3x RC and IE80.   High: Really smooth high and detailed. the studio v extended the high nicely. i suspect the Studio V would not pair nicely with an bright IEM.   Bass: the bass is tight and punchy, its not boomy but definitely present and well controlled.   mids: the mids are very detailed and abit foward in my opinion. it also have an nice midrange   Imaging: The imaging is probably the best part of the Studio V 3rd anv. it have superb imaging making the sound like...
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Awesome !


Pros: Superb SQ, bomb-proof build, small and compact

Cons: The UI is a little awkward, but you get used to it

Simply stunning sound quality - will drive anything with its massive power output. The UI isn't brilliant, but it is OK. English instructions would probably help (maybe I'll write some).   Head and shoulders above the Sansa Clip+, but then so it should be at 10 times the price.       Update - 5th October 2012   I have had this player for the best part of a month now and still love it to bits. I recently spent a week on a beach listening to this player and have to say that it lasted all week on a single charge with still 50% left for the plane home.    What impresses me most is the detail and clarity that this little unit squeezes...
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