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Stax SRM-323S

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #232 in Desktop Amps


Pros: price and sound are quite ok

Cons: dont believe those inputs and outputs...

323s, apparently adds on Slight Low bass, if one sits down and carefully

does a, b testing with a few stax headphones and other driver units.


if you are using 407, 507 on this unit,

suggest Strongly to heed following warnings....


1.  DO NOT simultaneously stick in 2 headphones in front.

    take one out and listen.  quite a big difference. eh.

    next test, try the other output...there is also a tiny variation


2.  DO NOT  use the parallel OUT on back.

     i did.

    learned my lessons...  do your on, off tests and see yourself.

    huge time/sound smearing... even with pre amp off and unplugged from power line.

    also, in my case, this STOLE midrange and high frequencies too.


so there u have it...things no one men tions or wants to know but only bitches about

sound not being to liking. myself included.


my overall too much bass for MY ears remains...so i use that tissue roll up thing...but

now i got my midrange aqnd high freqs  back !


so, for those that feel there is too much High frequency,

use the above ideas to change your sound !!  you can use to advantage...too.




Stax SRM-323S

The STAX SRM-323S Headphone Amp has excellent performance for not only musical reproduction but also for monitoring purpose of professional use. High Quality non-magnetic resistors of audio grade are employed for the main circuit of the new series STAX SRM-323S Headphone Amp, greatly improving the tone quality. The STAX SRM-323S Headphone Amp also features another Improvement: the circuit constant has been revaluated in detail to improve the sound quality. The signal path is configured with a Class-A All-Stage DC Amplifier Circuit with no coupling capacitors. Carefully selected low-noise hybrid pair-matched dual FET has been employed for the input stage to configure a single-amp balanced output circuit. The result is natural and clear aound regardless of balanced or unbalanced input.

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