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Vintage Sigmas still sounding great

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Pros: Dimensional, detailed, smooth, rich sound; very comfortable to use for long periods

Cons: Few options for amps due to normal bias

Bought my Sigmas in the ''80s, after trying all the available Stax products and preferred the sound of the Sigmas by a wide margin.  Until recently have used them sparingly since I never really cared for the energizer/solid state amp combos I had available and thus spent far more time listening to a variety of speakers. Found a mint Stax SRM-T1W amp/preamp, and now I truly enjoy these 'phones. Plus the passive preamp section works quite well with the amps I now own when it's time to use speakers.

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I generally prefer the high bias Sigmas but my old low bias set is still pretty impressive, especially in terms of creating a natural sound. For some reason these more often give a strong illusion of sound not coming from the phones themselves and I have often taken them off to make sure the speakers were not on. I don't seem to be able to find the SRT-1W amp/preamp. Are you sure that is its designation?
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