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KSC75 Possibly best budget HPs around

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SportClip Clip-On Headphones

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Pros: Great kick, balance, and soundstaging.

Cons: Distortion, they're definitely not that high of quality drivers.

I'm not going to go that much in depth, but since there are no reviews of these here I feel I MUST post one.


Hard to describe, and I know there are a lot of threads about this HP explaining how it's great for it's price, but the audio quality is really amazing for it's price. These sound like my Denon 5000s... but a cheap version. Though I'm not considering it a fault. I use them for when I go running, they're light, easy to drive (duh) and with the noise of outdoors/gyms the distortion of them is negligible. You really feel like the music is just with you when you're outside.


They're not that durable and they could be more comfortable... In addition they're not that pretty. This is good though for me, they're not subject to any thief's attention. 


I have to stress again, for how cheap they are, these HPs are simply amazing. Pick up a pair to use as a reference to make sure your higher quality HPs are justified. beyersmile.png


Also listening to some Blink-182 atm and the snares sound really crisp and life-like. For whatever that's worth.
Nice been looking for a pair of clip ones that sounded decent, and truth be told... a large number of cheap-o sony and Koss head phones don't sound terrible. I listened to some MDRZX-100s the other day and they sounded fine to me, yes there where some BIG details missing but truth be told the only time you'll notice such details is when your alone some where like in your house or at a library
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