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SPL Auditor

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Pros: Knows how to drive a pair of headphones; neutral and accurate; quality build; great value

Cons: Neutral may not be your cup of tea; only takes XLR inputs

I have owned the Auditor now for 6+ months.  I have it set up with the V-Link 192, Audio-gd Reference 5.32, and the Beyerdynamic T1.


This amp was designed for the recording studio in mind to give the engineer a tool to hear what was recorded as best as possible. 


It is designed to drive 600 ohm headphones, and I'm sure it works well with many other high impedance phones.  My 150 ohm Yuin earbuds also work very well with this amp.


The Auditor is a great piece of audio equipment.  Build quality is top-notch.  Volume control is great, with lots of play in the lower volume zone.  You feel like there are no compromises for what it offers.


I have left it on 24/7, along with all my other equipment, since the day it arrived.

With regards to how it sounds, my thoughts are summed up in two ways:


(1) The sound is driven by the source material.  Everything sounds as it is; good recordings sound good, great recordings sound great.  Accuracy and truth is the name of the game with the Auditor.


(2) It is very neutral. 


Not very descriptive perhaps....so to help out a little more I will admit that often I wish I had a warmer sounding amplifier.  I would love to spend time with something more seductive, and for sure I fantasize about having a great tube amp to plug into.  But if I have to be monogamous with my equipment (and I do), then I want neutral, accurate, solid, a great performer, top build quality, and fantastic value.  Plus this amp looks great.


So for now I am sticking with the Auditor.  And every time I listen to albums created and engineered by great artists, I am more than 100% satisfied with this amplifier.  It allows you to really appreciate all the hard work and creativity put into the music.


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