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A Review On: Spider "realvoice" Vertical in the Ear Headphone

Spider "realvoice" Vertical in the Ear Headphone

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Pros: All around performance and quality

Cons: size

There is a lot here to prejudice me against them but with only 6 hrs breakin, I already just plain enjoy them. To me, this is as much bass as I could use without mucking things up so they're fun without being overbearing at the bottom. The mids are extremely natural sounding and less IEM in nature. I wouldn't call the transition to the highs ruler flat as you may suspect from something described as natural since the lower treble/very upper mids is a bit back but far from missing and it gives these a very relaxed and real character without lacking presence or detail compared to others in the price range. It's subtle and the top bumps back up to where it belongs before tapering off gradually. A cymbal may not always sound quite metal enough but by the same token, a brush on a skin wont sound too metalic or etched either. Picking nits is easy on any IEM and here we're talking about something at a moderate price where some of these nits can be looked on as attributes as much as liabilities depending on perspective. They're forgiving of source and player without making you sacrifice music for it. They're less gritty, hashy or bumpy in response than other dynamics I've heard in this range.


Their size and fit isn't my thing as I like small nor is the somewhat bass heavy sig but they fit well, are comfy and the bass isn't over baring or messing with the mids. The controls work well as does the mic. I thought I'd move these on to another Headfi-er but I'm keeping them, for a while anyway, maybe longer.wink_face.gif No, they're not replacing my $400 unit but they are dropping a couple others out of the mix. To me this is a fun phone with really nice mids that can be listened to all day without fatigue. It's informative without being analytical, no, not like a top tier but you won't really miss it.


The case is nice as is the build and tips. No real negatives here. In fact, there's another thing I so genuinely appreciate with IEMs. They sound best to me with the tips that came fitted to them. The whole tip aquiring and comparing scenario that we've all gone through gets tiring. Of course I tried and the hybrids take a bit to much presence and wider opening tips take away their eveness. These are well concieved and voiced as is. I can see why Spider is proud of them. Like everything, not for everybody and not what I would probably choose for my only IEM if I could only have one but then again, I'm not sure that could be anything under $100.bigsmile_face.gif  In the under $100 range, I've own(ed) TD100s, Maximo, M1s, ADDIEMs, M6s, PL50s, Fischers and I prefer these already. Yes, some of these may do something or other better but I just enjoy the Realvoice more. 


This doesn't seem to be just another sourced product with a label. There's been some obvious good choices on parts and voicing going on. I suspect they're still going to improve but I can already tell they're just a nice comfy product that's has enough bass for the general market ( a bit extra) and good information without shining a spotlight on poor sources or kit. They should be a commercial success.



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