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Spider Realvoice IEM review

A Review On: Spider "realvoice" Vertical in the Ear Headphone

Spider "realvoice" Vertical in the Ear Headphone

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Pros: Airy soundstage, deep smooth bass, very enjoyable highs

Cons: overall size is very large, volume knob only works on ipods and certain apps


Spider seems to have created a monster, I really enjoyed this set a lot.  Its a large set, could very well be one of the largest IEMs I have ever used outside of the gargantuan OMX980.  Thankfully, the spider doesn't sound anything like it.  If I had to compare it to another set I would choose the IE7, as the realvoice stage is nice and wide and moderately tall, but boasts very nice stage depth and a moderate amount of dynamics in that regard.  What does that mean?  Well, separation is very nice and there is a fair amount of layering in front of you.  As a soundstage buff and nut bar, I find this set one of the few IEMs I would actually use.  For the price, the stage is very good.  One thing I noticed right away was the lack of sibilant highs.  The realvoice's highs are excellent in my opinion, one of the first IEMS in a long time that I could honestly say "dang, nice highs going on here" As they are not at all sibilant or harsh, but have a good amount of response.  The neat thing about them is that very harsh tracks are extremely enjoyable, tracks like Fire Ft. Ms Dynamite from the Magnetic Man Soundtrack even some Robin Thick tracks, which are notorious for being extremely sibilant.  With the realvoice, this is the first time I can even understand what Ms Dynamite is even saying !  This is something not even my new Sennheiser HD 598 can do.  There is a noticeable amount of harshness even in the HD598 compared to the realvoice, this is just fantastic



The mids ( and highs ) are on the dry side, not at all warm or lush, but very clear.  Definitely more clear than some of my other favorite iems from Fischer Audio.  To my ears the set is very forward. The Bass is excellent as well, definitely one of the best bass experiences in an IEM I have had in a long time.  Its a quality bass as well, its not boomy or harsh, its on the boarder of forgiving and very deep.  There is quite a lot of bass and I did have to tone down the EQ on the low end to make sure it didnt overpower the Mids and highs.  


Lets talk about the mic, Its not bad at all.  It only works on certain computer apps and only ipods.  I found the mic to transmit very nice quality audio, but I am not at all fond of the volume knob.  If any of you know me, you'll know I really hate these things.  Its annoying and an eye soar, but it works very well and is pretty light, you cant feel any extra weight on the right side due to the volume knob being placed so close to your ear, this is a good thing i suppose.  


Comfort is surprisingly good, despite this set being massive.  Its just huge, sadly Im a short guy and prefer my earbuds very small a'la BeB The Reds which are just tiny in comparison to the realvoice.  Overall I think the set is excellent and a set I would definitely use.  Nothing is distorted, the set has very good clarity and is well priced for such an experience.  Im very happy with it and they will definitely get a lot of use.  I expect great things from Spider, they seem to have a good sense of balance in their product.  Great job to whoever designed the inside, whatever they did, it produced an excellent all around sound that is on the dry side, but still very fun to listen to.  



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