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Spider "realvoice" Vertical in the Ear Headphone Reviews


Excellent earphones for IPhone and those who value Mids


Pros: Great voice reproduction, works well with IPhone, good soundstage overall. Good comfort and fit. Cable does not tangle. Easy to just pick up and use.

Cons: Not analytical (this is also a plus), highs slightly recessed.

  First off the disclaimer, the Realvoice IEM’S were given to me a month or two back for reviewing. I would like to thank Spider Cable for the review sample and my apologies for taking so long in writing this review. Since I have had these I have used them about 75% of the time when I am using earphones, which probably averages about two hours per day. So I have put quite a few hours into them and they are as burned in as one would expect. I own quite a few earphones as well as many full size headphones. I have used this on both my 3rd generation IPhone and on my cowon  J3. This reviewer’s ears are on the midlife side of age, so take general observations with a grain of...
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Spider realvoice - Best Vocal Under $100


Pros: Build quality. Sleek. Vocal.

Cons: Might not be best for non-vocal music.

First, I’ll like to thank Spider Cable for the sample. Spider Cable is a relatively small company in the mighty competitive cable market, but they don’t intend to stop at just the cable market. As their first IEM, realvoice is special in the way that it is intentionally tuned to maximize vocal performance, or should I say, to capture the emotion in the singer’s voice. Costing only about US$90, this unique IEM has became one of my favorite in the sub-$100 category.     Unfortunately the sampling CD isn't included due to international copyright issue.   Spec Driver: Dynamic Driver 12.5mm Impedance: 18 ohms Frequency Response: 5Hz~20000Hz Sensitivity:...
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Am I Real?


Pros: Absolutely smooth sound, rich wonderful bass, great vocal presentation

Cons: Tangly, feeble-looking cables, lousy control talk module, rolled off highs

The folks over at Spider Cable were kind enough to send me their first foray into the headphone arena, the Real Voice IEM. I got it as a review unit and paid $20 taxes at customs when I picked it up for review.     Now, Spider Cable is not a well-known company as of the moment. But I can easily see that changing with the Spider Real Voice. A company's first product in a field often will determine whether they will make it or not, and after trying out the Real Voice for the past couple of weeks, I can safely say that, if more people got to hear this gem of an IEM from a total newcomer to the field, this just might catch on.   The...
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Spider realvoice


Pros: All around performance and quality

Cons: size

There is a lot here to prejudice me against them but with only 6 hrs breakin, I already just plain enjoy them. To me, this is as much bass as I could use without mucking things up so they're fun without being overbearing at the bottom. The mids are extremely natural sounding and less IEM in nature. I wouldn't call the transition to the highs ruler flat as you may suspect from something described as natural since the lower treble/very upper mids is a bit back but far from missing and it gives these a very relaxed and real character without lacking presence or detail compared to others in the price range. It's subtle and the top bumps back up to where it belongs before tapering off...
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Spider Realvoice IEM review


Pros: Airy soundstage, deep smooth bass, very enjoyable highs

Cons: overall size is very large, volume knob only works on ipods and certain apps

  Spider seems to have created a monster, I really enjoyed this set a lot.  Its a large set, could very well be one of the largest IEMs I have ever used outside of the gargantuan OMX980.  Thankfully, the spider doesn't sound anything like it.  If I had to compare it to another set I would choose the IE7, as the realvoice stage is nice and wide and moderately tall, but boasts very nice stage depth and a moderate amount of dynamics in that regard.  What does that mean?  Well, separation is very nice and there is a fair amount of layering in front of you.  As a soundstage buff and nut bar, I find this set one of the few IEMs I would actually use.  ...
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Made for Vocals and It Shows


Pros: good mid range, light, decent entry-level phone

Cons: unfocused bass, unforgiving of poor recordings

I was one of the ten people chosen to review these iems. You can read my full review here. These are really great phones for vocal music. They're not so great for hip-hop or anything that needs a deep, tight, punchy bass. They're light and easy to wear. I don't love the design, preferring over-the ear phones in the main, but that's a minor quibble. If you're interested in this sound signature, this would be a good phone to try out. I'm not sure what the MSRP will be, but if they're priced like the RE0s (

Spider RealVoice


Pros: light weight, good accessories lovely packaging, warm mids

  I would like to thank Spider Cable for choosing me and generously sending out a review sample of their premiere product .   Specification: driver size: 12.5 mm diameter driver nozzle size: 5.5 mm impedance: 18 ohm (not listed so I pulled out my multimeter) weird impedance number might be in house produce driver(sorry typo on 48 ohm corrected) the housing seem to be made of aluminium coated with plastic(best guess due to weight and feel but might be pure...
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