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Great IEM with amazing value

A Review On: Soundmagic Pl30 In-ear Headphones

Soundmagic Pl30 In-ear Headphones

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Pros: Bass not too overpowering, great mids, amazing soundstage

Cons: Build quality, prone to hiss


Packaging is nice... great for display. Opening the flap in the front shows the frequency of these IEMs, but not representative of what you would hear. I think the package should make a good gift for your loved ones.



7 pairs of tips... amazing at the price I bought it... 37SGD (about 31USD). A pair of earhooks, which are very useful for keeping the IEMs at the back of the ear. Hard case which really protects the IEMs from damage. The shirt clip attached to the IEM also prevents microphonics.



Really a small IEM, not like the exceedingly large Altec Lansing UHP336. The design is not the conventional straight barrel I usually see, but the over the ear design which I find it to be quite comfortable. the red and blue strain reliefs make it easy to identify left and right. The curves of the strain reliefs make it easy to wear the IEMs in the dark. To be honest, my only gripe is the bass knobs, which I feel will get loose with use.



It is the first time I wore an over-the-ear IEM. At first I am not used to wearing it, but after a while it became more comfortable. Sometimes I don't even feel it inside my ear. It also seldom fall out of the ear.



I use bi-flanges provided to obtain a better seal and block out greater outside noise. Isolation is not very great, but should be sufficient most of the time.



Sound is just great for the price. Very different from the mainstream offerings, which usually has very (I mean very) heavy bass and recessed mids and highs.


Bass is tight and punchy, not boomy like mainstream sets. The bass they brought out is just sufficient. The knob at the side of the IEM adjusts the bass, with one being the clear bass setting and one being the deep bass setting. Adjusting to the deep bass setting makes the sound slightly warmer, which is the way I liked it.


If I were to say what is the best thing about the sound of the PL-30, I would say it is the mids. The mids are slightly forward, giving more prominence to the vocals. I like how the way the vocals are put out. The voices are warm (especially on deep bass setting) and full-bodied.


Treble is not sibilant or anything, lacking sparkle. It feel it is more laid back. The treble does not sound harsh at all.


Soundstage is just, wide. I like the soundstage, it does not make you feel like the song is playing in your head. It is more headphone like, but closer. The soundstage is also quite airy as well. I think it has one of the best soundstage for an IEM below 100SGD



A great IEM for the price. Good amount of accessories, great egronomics and great sound and soundstage to match. I would say those who like a more balanced sound should look at this. People who like a neutral sound that is slightly warm can take a look at this too.


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