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Soundmagic PL11

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Soundmagic PL11

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Pros: Bloodly cheap+Strong Bass (Where can you get?)

Cons: Muddy muddy muddy~

This is my first review, so have some mercies yea pros! gs1000.gif


Okay, with the mids and highs of this IEM, I dont think it will worth that price. But if you add in the bass, that will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE! I have to admit, this IEM is a few times bassier than my RM2XX bass IEM (Dont feel like mentioning it) The bass is more towards the muddy and It is kinda like sustaining bass..  But it is still strong. And the soundstage is narrow..(What can you expect from a Bass IEM?)



Ear foam are given together when you purchase it. 3 pairs of different sizes ear foam and silicon tips were provided. I prefer ear foam as it isolates better  than silicon tips and it enhance the bass as well. Usually used when I am in places like train, bazaar etc. And guess what, these thing can really makes you feel like you are seperated from the world. I can barely hear noises around me, and I doubt if I can hear people shouting at me. (And thats why I wouldn't use it when walking on a busy street or when staying together with friends)


Build Quality

It is actually made of plastic but it is coated, or maybe surrounded by metal. Maybe I should call it, the metal-plastic housing? (Created by me, haha!) Nothing much to describe. But I dont think this IEM will break that easily. FYI, I am a very violent user, but suprisingly it can withstand it for one year. Hmm.. What do you think? tongue.gif



It is no doubt that this IEM is one of the greatest basshead IEMs at its price range! If you are short of budget and at the same time, seeking for a bass iem, GET THIS!!




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