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A Review On: SoundMAGIC HP100 Premium Over-the-Ear Folding Headphones (Black)

SoundMAGIC HP100 Premium Over-the-Ear Folding Headphones (Black)

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Pros: Comfort, isolation, carrying case, detachable cord, clean sound, wonderful sound stage

Cons: lack of lower mids and upper bass [easily fixed by the w1000x Pads], also needs to be modified for bass improvement,

Sound Magic HP 100 ($165 Used)  


Personal Back-Story  


In the search for a can with the dt 880 sound and the isolation of a closed headphone I came across the sound magic hp 100!


Pros: Comfort, isolation, carrying case, detachable cord, clean sound, wonderful sound stage


Cons : lack of lower mids and upper bass [easily fixed by the w1000x Pads], also needs to be modified for bass improvement


Build [5/5]




Closed operating principle

Driver: Dynamic 53mm Neodymium Drivers
- Frequency range: 10Hz30KHz
- Impedance: 32Ω (±10%)
- Sensitivity: 95dB/mW @ 1KHz (±3dB)
- Maximum input power: 100mW
- Cable length: 1.2m (3.5ft) coiled
- Connection: 3.5mm gold plated plug
- Weight: 288g


Ease of Use [Comfort/Fit/Isolation] [4.5/5]

Perfect, fit’s like a glove. The comfort is wonderful and the isolation is impressive!

Price to Performance : [5/5]

For the price it performs just as well as the K550, not to mention a New Sound Magic costs the same as a Used K550. Either way it’s a great bargain!


Complimentary Genre:  None, works equally well with all genres


Sonic Test Process


Source Win 7[Foobar2000 WASAPI] -> oDac -> MonoPrice Premium Coaxial Cables -> Matrix M Stage [Lme 49990 OpAmp]


Headphone reference notes- I like to demo all headphones against my Beyerdynamic Dt 880, as they are a well know reference can.  Reference notes will always be in italics, and are included in the Video Reviews and Head Fi review posts.


Reference points, will be in bold italics.  In each of the seven reference songs I will specify what parts of the song I am listening to, to evaluate the 3 parts of the spectrum.  In addition to other aspects of the overall sound presentation.


           In addition, I always like details  presented in all frequances

Highs- looking for and evaluating air, nice extension and good energy and placement within sound stage

Mids- looking for and considering weight, body and tone

Bass- listening for, control, texture and punch/impact


          Sound Stage- reported after listening to all tracks

          Imaging –Track #3 and #4 are well mastered for 2D and 3D imaging

          Instrument Layering-reported after listening to all tracks

          Timbre- realism of sound, fun versus real

          Speed- ability to retain mirco-details  in ultra fast tonal shifts

Music Auditioned [All Lossless quality, tracks vary from 16 to 24bit]


Lisa Ekdahl [Sings Salvadore Poe] Of My Conceit {16bit 44100hrz sample}

          Vocal Jazz track,

Highs-  The upper range of the vocals and guitar notes

Mids- Lisa’s vocals, along with the lower notes on the guitar and piano

Bass- a touch of bass in the vocals and the lowest guitar  notes.


Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile [The Goat Rodeo Sessions ] Where’s my Bow? {16bit 44100hrz sample rate}

          This song is a new age classical composition.

Highs- upper most range of the stringed instruments, primarily of the, Viola, Violin

Mids- presented by all the stringed wood instruments

Bass- focus primarily on the Cello 


David Chesky- [Jazz In The New Harmonic]-Transcendental Tripping 

          New Age Jazz, Binaural  

Imaging- a binaural recording, a wonderfully real 3D presentation

Overall Balanced Sound Response  {Percussion}- looking for balance

Highs-drums, cymbals,Brass horns

Mids-Brass Horns,  upper mids of Double BassPiano 

Bass-Double Bass


Kenji Yamamoto-[Metroid Prime Sountrack[-Chozo Ruins {16bit 44000hrz sample} 

              Ambient Orchestral Sound Track 

Sound Stage- a very high energy and multi layered track, with so many individual pieces working together a large sound stage is crucial. In addition the tracks features a lot of fading sounds  

Balanced Frequency- The mood of the track set by the balance of frequency, any coloration takes away from the collective beauty of the track as a whole.


Benga [Invasion EP] Evolution {16bit 441000 hrz sample}

          Good ole Dub Step, -Will be Eq’d to determine how headphones handle eq

Highs- all about the cymbals,

Mids- Playful Brass horn like intro and outro, only notable mids

Bass- the Bass Wobble is the focus here

Metallica [Master Of Puppets] Welcome Home (Sanitarium) {16bit 44100hrz sample}


Speed- this track features a very simple layering of instruments, but the mirco details in the guitar solo's make or break the track. 

Highs- guitar, cymbals classic metal tune, smooth sweet highs in the guitar

Mids- guitars, vocals, also looking for speed in the quick tactile hits of the guitar riffs

Bass-Bass Guitar R.I.P Cliff, only the best quality for his bass lines!


Matisyahu- [Live At Stubb’s]- Exaltation

          Live Reggae –listening for the little bits of extra noise that are often present in live music [detail retention]

Highs- Upper range of the guitar and the cymbals

Mids- Vocals, guitar and upper range of the Bass Guitar also taking note of the drums

Bass- all about that bass guitar and Kick Drum




          Sound Signature- Very clean, a slight tilt towards the central and upper mids. A very nice Sub Bass extension, but lacks a little mid bass. Overall very crisp clean headphone with nice mids.   Very Lean yet Lusher than Neutral

                             Again, adding the W1000x Stock pads, add a little meat to the sound, giving you fuller mids and bass with a slight increase in sound stage width and height!


Dynamics- Excellent, quick and effortless

Timbre- Very accurate, but a slight lack of mid bass… leads to an overly tight bass and mids. Low end sounds lack weight, leading to a leaner than life like timbre… but still very accurate. Not fake nor thin.

The addition of w1000x Pads leads to a slight boost in the Mid bass, giving the bass a much more real timbre!

Speed-  Very lean and quick, plenty of speed for metal! Yet lacks a little weight behind it’s speed.

          Sound Stage: 2D  image is very nice, instrument layering is good, nice sense of air in between instruments, how ever can get a little over whelmed with grandeur or elaborate tracks, anything featuring upwards of 8 or so instrumental layers. Lacks slightly in 3D space as well. 


Highs- Excellent, great airy presentation and energy, very detailed as well.

Mids-  Very smooth and detailed, vocals are silky smooth, yet very detailed, Guitars maintain a nice rich sound as well, although acoustic instruments can be a little too lean at times, still very pleasing.

Bass- VERY Deep and tight sub bass, mid bass lacks ever so slighty but still has plenty of attack, just needs a little more body.

[Modified with ATH w1000x Stock Pads] {+$50}

          Modification Improvements- The Stock W1000x Pads bring;

  1. a little more focus to the entire sound stage
  2. improved 2D and 3D imaging and instrument spacing
  3. Slightly forward yet magically delicate mids
  4. A gentle boost to mid bass body and attack  


Amplification Need or Suggested – These do not need an amp, but they pair nicely with a warm solid state or hybrid tube.  


Check out my Mid Fi SHOOT out thread for song by song Reviews, and check out my Blog for pictures :3 

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