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A Review On: SoundMAGIC HP100 Premium Over-the-Ear Folding Headphones (Black)

SoundMAGIC HP100 Premium Over-the-Ear Folding Headphones (Black)

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Pros: Sound Quality, Comfort, Build, Accessories, Style, Portability

Cons: Fingerprint magnet, Ears may get sweaty after 2-3 hours of listening, sound leakage

I'm just going to jump right into the review. 



Driver: Dynamic 53mm

Frequency response: 10hz-30khz

Impedance: 32Ω

Sensitivity: 95db at 1Khz/mw

Max input power: 100mw

Cable length: 1.2m (4m extended)

Price: Around $200

Build Quality: These headphones are built very well. The headband is a very strong, and slightly flexible. It is made up of a metal and plastic. it is about 65% metal, and 35% plastic. The hinges on the cup are plastic, and are held together by metal screws. The headphones are easy to adjust, with up to 9 different sizes. They do require a little effort though, but it helps the headband not change size when you are wearing them. The cable is a coiled cable. It is nice and thick, and is firm enough to hold its shape, and not become tangled with normal use. The cable is removable. The headphones do fold up, making them portable. 

Comfort: These headphones are very comfortable. I have worn these headphones for over 8 hours, and have not have to adjust them at all. The pads are nice and squishy, using pleather for the pad material. The headphone pads themselves are a little shallow, but the extra padding inside the cup eliminates any discomfort from the ear laying against the driver grill. 
The seal on the headphones is a bit above average, but these headphones do leak noise. At 85% volume, my brother could hear the music from 6 feet away, while watching T.V. At around 2 hours of listening, my ears did become sweaty, as the pads don't really allow ear flow. I used these to mow my lawn, and my ears were pretty sweaty. The pads just don't allow much air flow. Very little. The headband pads are nice and squishy as well, and form nicely to the top of the head. 

Style: When you first look at these headphones, one may think "These headphones look silly." or "I would not want someone to see me with these on!". But when you put them on and look at them through the mirror, they look pretty nice. But the looks are subjective, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. The ear cups themselves are a glossy black color, with lines tanish color lines running through them, forming a grid. The SoundMAGIC logo is displayed, showing 2 quarter notes facing each other above it, and below it, the HP100 model name. (HP100) On the headband, you can see a blue square with an L in it, marking the left side, and a Red square with an R in it, marking the right side. On the inside of the headband, to the left, there is writing that says: "Designed and Manufactured by SoundMAGIC" To the right, it has an CE marking, and it says "Made in China". The cable is coiled, and black. 

Accessories: In the box, the headphones come in a hard shell case, a carabiner, a coiled cable in a nice mesh pouch, a cleaning cloth, warranty card, an airline adapter, a 6.3mm jack screw-on and a VIP card in almost all chinese letters. The case is black, and slightly reflective. It has gray lines running through it, forming a grid-like pattern. The zipper is black, with 2 red lines running through it. The inside of the case is all red. The carabiner can be clipped on to the case, so you could clip the case onto a backpack or something. Being hardshell, it protects the headphones well. The cleaning cloth is brown, with the SoundMAGIC logo on it. It works like any other cleaning cloth. The warranty card is needed if you need to send the headphones back for a replacement. I'm not sure what the VIP card is for. All it says is which number model your headphones are. The mesh pouch holds the cable in it, and the cable stays in it nicely. The mesh pouch velcros onto the inside of the case. 

Sound Quality: Overall, these headphones are pretty neutral, with a slight emphasis on the bass. I'll start with the bass. 
The bass is nice and punchy, with great sub-bass performance. If the song calls for a little bass, only a little bit of bass is present. If the song calls for a lot of bass, the bass comes out. I find it very interesting, and I think it is great. 

This isn't a bass head can, so bass heads may need to look elsewhere.
The mids are not recessed, nor forward sounding. They represent female and male vocals both very well. 
The soundstage is very wide, and while listen to orchestras, it sounds like the instruments are playing all around me. 
The headphones are nice and detailed, clearly representing each instrument/ sound. 
The treble is nice. It isn't too bright. There isn't really any syllabence, making it nice and easy to listen to. 

They do not need an amp to be driven well, but will improve with one. 

Overall, these headphones are a great pair of portable headphones, and I would highly recommend them. 


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