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SoundMAGIC HP100 Premium Over-the-Ear Folding Headphone Reviews


Highly Satisfied (my first review)


Pros: Soundstage, Detail, Bass Extension, Layering, Genre Versatility, Comfort

Cons: Not entirely a con but source dependant, Shiny cups

Intro   Where I stood when I got these: I was using the AKG K141 MKII's. The source for these had been gradually improving for the approximately 18 months I'd had them, going from a EU capped iPod Nano 2nd gen, adding a cMoyBB v2.03, then as My academic year started, being that I was constantly with my laptop I went with the ODAC-cMoyBB-K141 until I got the iBasso DX50 (Very good synergy with K141). Not wanting to have to play at ear-damaging levels to drown out commute noises, I wanted a closed design and, after scouring the Head-fi reviews and FS forums, decided to go with these (2nd hand).   Initial Impressions   Being 2nd hand these were already burnt in, so I...
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The Natural All-Rounder Headphone


Pros: Great, Clean Sound, Good Bass Hit & Treble Spark, Rich Vocals, Clarity, Instrumental Separation, Isolation, Comfortable, Good Build

Cons: Coiled Cable (YMMV), Fingerprint-Magnet Ear Cups, Proprietary Cable Entry

Review on the SoundMAGIC HP100Due to this review section, some of my images and text have been cut in half and what not, so I have posted this review in the forum section. The full version can be found here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/714125/review-soundmagic-hp100-the-natural-all-rounder-headphone) Apologies for the inconvenience.IntroductionIt's been a while since my last review, but I'm back with another one on the closed-back, SoundMAGIC's HP100. I bought these headphones as an alternative to my HP200's and as an upgrade to my formerly owned, MrSpeakers' Mad Dog 3.2, as an open-back was not convenient for me as I had originally thought, and that the Mad Dog's were too veiled and dark...
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Gorgeous Headphones whose sound and design are sure not to disappoint...


Pros: Wide Soundstage, Clarity, Great Bass Response that doesn't drown out highs and mids.

Cons: Pads can get sweaty on my ears after a couple hours, but the pleather is primarily to blame.

Introduction After enjoying my re-branded Brainwavz HM5s for around 6 months, I decided that it was time to move onto the next best thing. Not that I got tired of my HM5s, but I just knew that there was something better out there. After looking around on Amazon, Head-Fi and a couple other websites and stumbled onto the Soundmagic HP100s. The looks really impressed me and although the headphones had very few reviews, every review that I read stated that they were one of the best headphones (if not, the best) within their price range. After doing a little bargain hunting for these headphones, I managed to find a deal on MP4Nation selling these headphones for $189 plus 2 day shipping....
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Bigsby’s top cans for 2013: ep1 Soundmagic HP100- The Beyer Slayer, The Mid Monster, The Detail Demon


Pros: everything

Cons: not much

We are all different, and thus we all like different things.  But there are likely only so many possible combinations in the world. So if you happen to be like me and like sleek, low profile, comfy, feature filled, well deigned, well made, amazing sounding shiny bits… Then maybe these will also be your new favorite cans?    Lets start with the physical, as eventually you will have to admit this is where all love starts. Attraction. The box, like any first date is somewhat interesting, but really gives away nothing but a graph of presumable truths supported by a couple of obvious lies. Moving past the exterior is where the interest lies, inside the box.  Inside I...
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Best value headphones.... EVER


Pros: Neutral and detailed, wonderful warm punchy accurate bass that behaves very well, very comofrtable

Cons: None that i can think of

These are easily the best headphones I have. They are a strange set in that they have a nice flat neutral sound signature that gives great detailed mids and highs, but have great sub and mid bass, that is so accurate and warm but doesn't effect the neutrality of the other frequencies. Bass has a slam and presence that make them so much fun to listen to. It at no point though takes over, this is not a set with just bassheads in mind (even though they'd be more than happy with them), it is for those who like to hear the music as produced, possibly even to analytical stage.   The HP100 just does everything right. For me they easily outperformed my Senn HD650 and AKG K550. They are...
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Perfect Balance Headphones


Pros: Clarity, Detail,Highs,Mids, are very amazing. as well as serious headphones

Cons: not fun headphones (not for bassheads), Recommend for recording/beat makers., sometimes its boring,

Bought these cans on sale, once i put the vocal/dubstep/beats tracks on, i was extremely amaze. These headphones is way to balance yet its not really fun like v shape cause there not balance. but you'll love hearing it on and off. the bass is perfect where it is, like other reviews. if its bass song, then it will turn into its full potential, but if its not, then it will have a decent bass, had the ath m50 and the m50 has a little more punch than the soundmagic but does not beat in its details. love these headphones even if i broke it in like three months, going to buy for my collection though whenever it come on sale.

A headphone worth the money and effort you put into it


Pros: Soundstage, Beautiful Highs, Deep Bass

Cons: Bass is not deep enough and is less in quantity,neutral(not necessary a bad thing)

 had promised to review my Soundmagic HP100s (though I don’t quite remember whom I promised that :) ). To hell with my memory! I have learnt a lot here at Head fi and would like to give something back to Headfi as well. Now they have had enough of time for burn in and should now be sounding their best. They were very good out of the box as well.   The Soundmagic HP100s are great over ears and if you can afford the inevitable stares they would be great for the commute as well. There is a lot to love about this headphone when paired with an amp that has tame treble with a pronounced low end. I used the Matrix M-Stage HPA-2 and was very happy. I even plugged into an Onkyo TX...
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Fantstic Full size headphone debut from Soundmagic


Pros: Great balance between lows, mids, and highs. Good comfort and build quality, detachable cable, sound quality is musical w/ good separation

Cons: A bit bright up top, though not as bad as DT 990pro, and a little lean in the lows

  This is a review of the SoundMagic HP100 over the ear full sized closed headphone. I received this as one of my first mid-fi headphones about 6 months ago, and I have to say though I had just received the DT 990 pros a day before these I was undoubtedly impressed with the sound quality and comfort of the headphone. This headphone is top notch and one of the best closed headphone options you can choose under 300$. I had spent a few months with it, and my preferences being on over the ear open headphones I was surprised how much time I spent listening to this headphone. Let me get into a bit more details on why that was, at least for myself and what I heard and felt about this...
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Not too shabby!


Pros: Bass, midrange, highs are all good. Isolation both in and out is also decent. Pretty flat frequency response considering the -25 dip in the mid range.

Cons: Comfort, coiled cord.

I've had these now for about 2 weeks now. I got these for a good price on ebay, they were open box, meaning the box was all beat up but the headphones were fine and in new condition, it's a win-win! :D I'm not as experienced as some members on here so if you'd like, take my review with a grain of salt. I also won't go into much depth as some reviewers do. My sources are Laptop>FiiO E10 and an ipod nano 5th generation. All music i listen to is mostly 320kbps with a few flacs and ogg vorbis. I also like to listen to my music at moderate to high levels, mostly electronic, synth/pop and some odds and ends like rock, rap and classic.   Comfort and Build Quality: 7/10  When...
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