SoundMAGIC ES18. Good sound for a good price.

A Review On: SoundMAGIC ES18 In-Ear Headphones (Black/Red)

SoundMAGIC ES18 In-Ear Headphones (Black/Red)

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Pros: sound, good mids, price, value

Cons: not that solid build quality, highs

So this is my first ever review. Enjoy!

        I got my es18's for about $15 in my local store on December last year and I've been enjoying them since. SO let's start!




  Packaging is pretty decent for a $15 IEM. It includes 3 eartip sizes(small, medium and large) and a leather-ish carrying pouch that's a little bit too large. Overall, 10/10. Pretty good value for $15! :D




  I got the orange and grey color scheme. It looks quite simple, and cheap. But for $15 what do you expect? 8/10 I guess




  Build quality is average. The earpiece split open after 4 months of use but what do you expect with its price? Cable is a little stiff and cheap too. The Y-splitter is tiny but does its job and the jack is solidly built. Maybe 7/10 for build quality


Now for the SOUND QUALITY:


 After burn-in. these sound absolutely great for $15! First of is the bass. The bass is quite good. Warm sounding but a little bit more than my taste. Mids are the best point of this IEM. Mids are a little forward, smooth and sweet sounding. Highs are the weakest point of this IEM. Highs are recessed, and not very good. Imaging and soundstage is average. I would say... 8/10 for sq




So that's it. Thanks for reading! :) P.S sorry that I don't have pics


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