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Non-Audiophile Review

A Review On: Soundmagic E30

Soundmagic E30

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Pros: Sound, Comfort

Cons: Isolation, unsure of build quality

This is a review for those non-audiophiles out there. Just someone who likes their music. I listen to pop, electric, trance, techno, jazz, and classical (well, synth classical, soundtracks for movies, games, anime...)



My unamped iPod touch 2G. No Equalizer app.



I have been using the JVC Marshmellows for a long time (since they are pretty good for throwing around. I mean, I am mildly abusive to my iems, I bring them with me everywhere.) But recently they broke and realized I couldn't get them locally anymore without the microphone attached (for phones).


So I got the MEElec M6 instead from Newegg. Those were okay... but the bass was too overpowering for me. It felt like the bass surrounded the whole... sound, with only the treble part piercing through that circle of bass. Anyway, I did a bit more research and finally bought these E30s.


(I also owed a pair of Denon AH-D1001 headphones, which are apparently identical to the CAL! For those who have those headphones... If I recall the sound correctly, they are quite similar, both have a somewhat V-shape, but the mids are more forward in these E30s I think. Maybe because as In-ears everything sound closer? I might be wrong, but that's from what I remember.)



And from where I was coming from, I like them a lot. I think everything is clearer in these headphones just because the treble and bass is more balanced (so you can actually hear the mids). And because of that, I think the soundstage is easier to hear.


I mean, I might be delusional, but seriously I feel like I just hear the instruments coming from different directions (sometimes just above and leaning towards the back of my head, sometimes in front. And when a sound is sounded, it "expands" from only the sides to the back and front... if that makes any sense at all), and different distances (but the previous IEMs I had did that too... I am not too good and judging whether these distances are 'farther' in comparison or not). It might just be because my ears like the balance more than the MEElec or JVC Marshmellows, so when I listen to music from these, my ears instinctively listen with more attention.


I can listen to these for a long time without fatigue or boredom. Sometimes even with my D1K, the treble made me just stop. Might be just me.



I have small ears (apparently, in comparison to the rest of the Head-Fi community...?)

EDIT: But still, after walking from school back home, I can't help but notice the cars, and sometimes the wind... their isolation is definitely quite weak... not "open" exactly, but if you're moving, and they don't fit well, it's a bit of a problem.


Isolation-wise, they're not as good as the Marshmellows, or even tighter fitting portable headphones (I am referring to my friend's Urbanears*). I can hear outside noises (which is great if you don't want to be hit by a car, bad if you're waiting for the bus and you can hear the cars) but they are IEMs, so they're better than, say, the PX-100s which are just open.


*... incidentally if you have the Urbanears Plattan and you are considering switching, I think the sound signature is completely different. The Urbanears are "U" shaped, I think. Bass, treble, and... just everything flat in between. I prefer the E30's more balanced --"more colourful everywhere"-- sound more. 


Build Quality

I am not too sure. As I have mentioned above, I'm pretty rough with my IEMs (bring them around everywhere, sometimes sleep with them on). I have only been listening to these for a week or two... I think they are going to be definitely more fragile than my Marshmellows that can take a beating. The wire feels less thick, although it's not completely flimsy either.



If you didn't read the review, or you couldn't tell by the review, basically I want to say I love these headphones. They sound really great from where I am coming from. I guess I'm just lucky I don't need $800 headphones for my ears to be like: Oh what is this yummy noise?! Let me listen to it more eagerly! (I say this with full respect to the audiophiles here. I just can't afford that though.)


They're pretty good for commuting, for safety and all that (I think someone once told me open headphones are good because it's less dangerous... but I think it's slightly inconvenient because I can hear outside so clearly) because they're not completely isolating. But if you want to be in your own little world, maybe not so much... unless you crank up the music.


So this has been my newb review. Hopefully it helped out some of those who are just looking for a casual pair of headphones.


(Free-advertisement, not paid: I got them from MP4nation. They ship to Canada, which is godsend, as I am sure my fellow Canadians know.)

1 Comment:

i agree 100%, e30 is best allrounder nonaudiophile iem. its so comfy and good sounding. for build quality- it is realy good, but materials could be better.
i have heard more expensive iems, for example, sunrise xcited, which i think would be superb, but they isnt- bit harsh treble, grainy sound, and detail isnt better.
i always getting pissed off from expensive headphones, because they are much more expensive and in best case only 10% better sq.
Ath-m50 costs $150, but they have only bit better detail and soundstage than $20 soundmagic es18 or e30.
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