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Soundmagic E30 Reviews


Ideal for music listening .......

This is an update to the review after living with several sets of these beauties for 3 years....I now have acquired 7 sets of the e30. A quick synopsis of my resume. 30 years of hardcore interest and investment in hifi, instrument building, musician. I've owned many decades of home stereo equipment and have a definite preference and fondness for Vinyl. The soundmagic e30 have proven non-fatiquing and thoroughly enjoyable. Past headphones I've owned range from $1000 LCD, several $500-$200 of nearly every brand from the most current back through headphones from the 1980's and 90's. Generally I have found many full size over the ear headphones disappointing and colored. Many have odd...
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Very good for the price


Pros: Balanced, warm, not fatiguing sound

Cons: Low isolation

After few weeks of researching decided to buy these earphones, because everyone stated them to be balanced and not faiguing. And I was not dissapointed by my pick. Sound is very qualitative and balanced, soundstage and imaging are also good, instruments have distance between them. Isolation is not the best but acceptable for me. Very comfortable and well built, but maybe not the best looking earphone. Bass is not very fast but rather punchy. It's just slightly dominating in the sound signature, just perfect for me.  Midrange is a little warmed by bass but still clear and sometimes seems a little laid  back and distant. A little recessed treble allows to listen...
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Great headphones that have uncomfortable fit.


Pros: Value for Money, Dynamic sound stage, good for many genres

Cons: uncomfortable fit

Slightly better than E10. Sound very similar to E10 just with more balanced sound. Tricky to get a good fit but for price and the quality they present, it is not that big deal.
biter snake

Great earphones for the price. controlled sound which still feels big and fun


Pros: amazing sound, cheap as sh*t, comfortable like all Soundmagics

Cons: Design and build quality questionable- feels plasticy and cheap, poor isolation

  Okay so even though i'm not an audiophile in the sense that I don't necessarily look for the most neutral, flat IEMs, I do want to enjoy the music I listen to (mainly rock/ classic rock) the best I can and have spent many hundreds of dollars over the last 3 years trying out different IEMs ranging from shures to etys UEs etc.  I never cared much for earphones that cost over a 100-150 because i never really manage to stick with a pair so I probably havent yet tried the better sounding IEMs on the market just yet but of all the ones i've ever listened to, E30s have been the most pleasing to my ears by far.   I have a couple of pairs of PL 30s and PL50s so I'm not...
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Normal Guy review


Pros: Sound, comfort, durability

Cons: Almost none- materials used could be better

These are realy great IEMs, one of the best sq(balanced with plenty of bass). greatest thing of these is comfort- same as pl50, so perfect. i can't notice that im wearing them. Sq is like Xears TD4, Pl50 and e10, so near top tier. i only wish that materials used would like pl50, not pl30 type.

Non-Audiophile Review


Pros: Sound, Comfort

Cons: Isolation, unsure of build quality

This is a review for those non-audiophiles out there. Just someone who likes their music. I listen to pop, electric, trance, techno, jazz, and classical (well, synth classical, soundtracks for movies, games, anime...)   Source: My unamped iPod touch 2G. No Equalizer app.   History: I have been using the JVC Marshmellows for a long time (since they are pretty good for throwing around. I mean, I am mildly abusive to my iems, I bring them with me everywhere.) But recently they broke and realized I couldn't get them locally anymore without the microphone attached (for phones).   So I got the MEElec M6 instead from Newegg. Those were okay... but the bass was...
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SoundMagic E30, A Great Budget IEM


Pros: Pros: Sound is phenomenal for the price, packaging is great.

Cons: Cons: Build quality is lacking, comfort is an issue, slight microphonics

  Packaging:   The SoundMagic E30 come in one of the best packaging jobs I've ever seen. This is before I'm even able to see the packaging mind you. The E30 came securely wrapped with a brown cardboard box wrapped tightly around the actual package with either end having a label telling the user to fax a picture to SoundMagic if it had been tampered with or opened. With all of the fakes around SoundMagic is definitely making it almost impossible to replicate these and I find that to be amazing.   After opening the authenticity wrap I was greeted with a white cardboard box with a somewhat minimal design. On the front the user is presented with a window to view the...
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