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Really big bang for a buck. Good sound and build in these.

A Review On: Soundmagic E10

Soundmagic E10

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Pros: Price, overall sound, sturdy cable, build quality.

Cons: Cable is a bit stiff. Fitting could be a bit better.

Because i am wearing helmet when biking and longboarding i cant use my trusted Sennheiser PX100 on those kind of activity i went in ear.

i didnt´t want to spend much, max 100 euros, because i do my serious listening mainly in my home and to be honest, didn´t think that

you can have proper sound from inear monitors, unless you spend big bucks for it.

Well let me tell you: i was wrong.


Sound of these little fellows are very pleasant indeed. Lots of bass and it goes low, but by a lot, i dont mean that they are over hyped. It just is there, when needed.

There are little bump on upper mids, so some songs gould get a bit boxy, but its very minor bump, so you can live with it easily. And what is most important to me:

Vocal range is not harsh! So overall sound is much better that i could expect to get for 100€, but best part was, that these costs only 27€ No brainer!

Nowdays they go everywhere, that im going. So im using them alot. And they are still as good as new. So build quality is exelent.

Cord is a bit stiff wich is good thing, but could get dangled easily, so i bought this thing called wishbone and that take care of that broblem.

1 Comment:

Which is better in terms of  sound quality, smoothness, detail and soundstage between the e10's and e50's? How is the bass differ from the other?
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