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Good IEMs at price, balanced but engaging bass; minor nerves over build/cable entry points

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Soundmagic E10

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Pros: Engaging bass without being tiresome, ok fit

Cons: unsure on build quality, not as much detail as some others in <£30 price range

Having been used to JVC HA-FX51Cs, which lasted quite well for me (I go through IEMs every year or two either through loss/breakage), these feel a little plasticy and aren't _quite_ as solidly held in my ear but don't come out any easier than most others (but minor difference point). I worry about the points where the cable enters the ; and that unflexible cable really does want to stay how it was in the box it came in! I've not noticed microphonics except when I'm wearing them without music and the cable rubs occasionally. They are slightly more effort to roll/coil up and stick in a pocket but the tie-clip (or shirt-clip) attached is sort of handy.


The highs and bass when listening to music are more noticable and I think I do like the overall sound better than my FX51s for music, although perhaps less definition in some areas (IMO).


I mostly use these for listening to spoken-word podcasts with the occasional bit of electro/dubstep/rock on my phone/laptop, and the FX51s were very natural sounding and avoided overdoing the bass, more natural feel; I definitely notice the stronger bass with these E10s but it doesn't get tiring (yet) by overdoing it. My main objective therefore is to avoid tiring high/low pitched sounds being too sharp for the speech (many many hours more listening time than music).


I got the red colour set, like the design. I have quite small ears and the standard small ones provided are fine. They block out the noise to a level I like - seem quite high output relative to some others, can still easily hear important stuff externally if I'm leaving it at a comfortable relaxed volume level while it cuts out enough of the minor background noises on my work commute (London underground, bus, trains)


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