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Great sound quality for budget phones, but poor build quality.

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Soundmagic E10

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Pros: Sound stage, low price but good sound!

Cons: Build quality

Before I start, I'd like to let you know that this is my first review on head-fi and that I am not actually an audiophile, so this review is from a 'normal consumer' perspective.
Thereby I am Dutch, so there could be some grammar flaws throughout this review, excuse me for that.



This was my first pair of 'better' headphones than the normal stock headphones delivered with my HTC One X. 

When unpacked I was already enthusiastic about the number of tips that came with the 'phones.
As a beginner I immediately put them on and started listening.. and I was blown away! The sound was so detailed and wide, it was like I was listening to completely new music. (believe me, I wasn't)
I enjoyed them a lot and I couldn't listen to normal stock 'phones anymore, that was just awful.

But then the casing came apart, just as mentioned in the top review. I got them replaced through warranty services from the retailer where I bought those and I was happy again (they even shipped them for free to another country, as I was having holiday in Germany). 

But then also with the new pair the casing came loose, at both sides this time.. so I felt pretty disappointment.. of course it can happen once, but not thrice.

Although the sound is very good for such cheap headphones, they really lack durability. The casing came of three times and I decided to buy some other pair (sennheiser CX250), I have to say I liked the E10's way more, but I would not recommend it at this point due to a faulty build of the casing.

(now planning on buying the Shure SE215's) 



Yes, SoundMAGIC recently improved the build of the E10 significantly. The earphone body is now held together by mechanical clipping together of the two parts internally (instead of glue) and the cabling has been massively improved with a twisted pair braided cable. The E10 is now super tough!
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