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Build quality lacking :(

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Soundmagic E10

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Pros: sound for value

Cons: Durablity

Let me start off by saying these are great headphones. I have compared them to headphones 100$ higher and find them to be much better. This is a bit biased do to my preferences but i found them slightly better then the sony xb500. Everything is great about these from the moment you put them on. The soundstaging is really impressive for 30$ iems and the bass has reasonable punch and quality. The treble is a bit lacking however. The midrange is average. To me, this is pretty good for some cheap iem's.


I listened generally to edm with these. I will say one problem i have with these is that you always want more. It really starts to bug you, but after burn in it's almost like they start to get worse. Idk about other people but after burn in it felt like the bass had degraded in sound quality. None the less taking into consideration these are 30$ the soundquality you are getting is well above other iems.


But thats it, thats where the positives end (of course thats a huge positive) after only 6 months, the casing came apart and i had to super glue the headphones together 2 times. after 1 week of doing this the cable connecting to the left driver stoped working, and to make matters worse, scince these came from china i couldent use my warranty without paying 40$ shipping.


Conclusion i wouldent really recommend these, however maybe i just had a bad pair. The problem was that the cable is awful always tangles and eventually became the demise of my pair. It isn't the worst idea to try these i mean the sound quality is quite amazing for what you paying for. but overal i'd say it's not worth it.


SoundMAGIC recently improved the build of the E10 significantly.
The earphone body is now held together by mechanical clipping together of the two parts internally (instead of glue) and the cabling has been massively improved with a twisted pair braided cable. The E10 is now super tough!
thats sounds great lol i will look into this, i mightget a pair for times when 200$ headphones are impractical
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