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Build quality lacking :(

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Soundmagic E10

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Pros: sound for value

Cons: Durablity

They have been updated...

old model had bad build quality and fell apart on me and then broke within a year :(


Sound is basically just a crappy sounding version of the ath m50 (this is not a bad thing)

it has more mid bass but it bleeds into the spectrum... 

not much extension but at this price point the sound is about as clean as it gets


the new model is a little pricey i believe at 20$ they were a steal (for a pair of headphones you could afford to toss around) but now i see them for 30-50$


SoundMAGIC recently improved the build of the E10 significantly.
The earphone body is now held together by mechanical clipping together of the two parts internally (instead of glue) and the cabling has been massively improved with a twisted pair braided cable. The E10 is now super tough!
thats sounds great lol i will look into this, i mightget a pair for times when 200$ headphones are impractical
Yeah my firs pair fell apart and i had to glue it myself (doesn't look pretty) and today i've noticed the grilles fell off too - just pulled them out. Ive got a second pair which is a lot newer - let's see how long will these last...
Very rue.  These headphones don't even last for 8 months.The left earphone is not working and Soundmagic support is awful. I would not recommend these headphones.
Instead of upgrading the durability, they decided to upgrade the price. What a great move.
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