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Magical for the Price

A Review On: Soundmagic E10

Soundmagic E10

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Pros: Good looking build, Better overall sound stage, Great bang for the buck

Cons: not so analytical and accurate

First of all, I'd like to thank 'H20Fidelity' who recommended this IEM to me. I was not sure whether to go for this brand as i did not hear of it before. but thought of givin' them a try. Got it under 40USD. I had Sennheiser Precision 300-II before these and I liked them. The intention to purchase an IEM that was like Senn Precision 300-II was to have a pair of headphones that are just fun to listen to.

I did not expect analytical sound from these. So first time i listened to them, i said 'wow', this is exactly what i wanted. and now after 3 months of purchase i just love the way E10 sound lively and can handle wide range of music with ease. These are definitely better than my now lost Senns. I listen mostly to Pop, Rock, Soft Rock, Bollywood and some instrumental. E10 never disappointed me. They are very engaging and ideal to listen music on the go. Bass is plenty (not by Bass head standards), Mid bass not so profound, Treble is slightly on the laid back side but clear. Vocals are clear but not very lively. Bass has a nice punch in it, which is more than sufficient for me. Because i liked these, i went ahead and bought Soundmagic E30 as well. E30 and E10 have similar soundstage. E30 has slightly less profound bass and more balanced treble. Both are fun to listen to. I'll be writing separate and short review on E 30 as well. But for people who want headphones for just fun listening and engaging soundstage, E10 is the way to go. Having said that, i do not want to say E30 are boring. E30 are also good and precision wise slightly better than E10 but E10 are more fun to listen to than E30 for sure.

I'd highly recommend them to anybody who is on tighter budget.


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