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Soundmagic E10 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great earphones for the price


Pros: Sound changes for better after burn in, Nice treble, forward mids, airy, great speed and timing, instruments have character

Cons: build quality, bass could have been bit better.

The review below is for the E10M but the E10 is exactly identical, bar the extra mic. So lets begin.   Packaging:         Mine came in a nice little box with plenty of tips. I tried swapping out the stock ones with each one of them. There’s also an adaptor that allows you to connect the earphones to a laptop or desktop with separate ports for head phone and mic. Theres an extra clip as well, just in case you smash the one that came with it. I don’t see how but anyways, nice addition there, Soundmagic!       Design and Build:       The design positively screams for your attention. All of Soundmagic’s products are like...
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Negative Reviews


Build quality lacking :(


Pros: sound for value

Cons: Durablity

They have been updated... old model had bad build quality and fell apart on me and then broke within a year :(   Sound is basically just a crappy sounding version of the ath m50 (this is not a bad thing) it has more mid bass but it bleeds into the spectrum...  not much extension but at this price point the sound is about as clean as it gets   the new model is a little pricey i believe at 20$ they were a steal (for a pair of headphones you could afford to toss around) but now i see them for 30-50$

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Great for the Price Tag


Pros: Good looking build, Better overall sound stage, Great bang for the buck

Cons: not so analytical and accurate

First of all, I'd like to thank 'H20Fidelity' who recommended this IEM to me. I was not sure whether to go for this brand as i did not hear of it before. but thought of givin' them a try. Got it under 40USD. I had Sennheiser Precision 300-II before these and I liked them but i lost them so needed new pair with similar sound. These are definitely better than my now lost Senn They are very engaging and ideal to listen music on the go. Bass is plenty (not by Bass head standards) and has a nice punch in it, which is more than sufficient for me. I'd highly recommend them to anybody who is on tighter budget.

Budget brilliance


Pros: large soundstage; engaging sound; price

Cons: stiff cable

SoundMAGIC E10   Soundmagic is building up quite a reputation for budget-fi products.  Their latest entry into the fray is the E10.  It is a barrel styled dynamic driver offering at just $35.  Is it a giant killer?  How good can a $35 phone be?  Let’s find out…     Soundmagic seems to have phased out the hard case they used to include and instead offer a pleather pouch with drawstring.  While I know many prefer hard cases, I really like nice pouches for toting in a jacket or jean pocket.  This pouch is very nice but a little larger than necessary, so I plan on using it with my new custom Merlins when they finally arrive.  Also...
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Quality Budget Earphones

  I purchased these earphones specifically for my pocket rig, I was looking for something that could be used every day and my buying requirements were simple. First they needed to cost less than £30, and second they needed to sound as good as the stock set from Sony which, as stock earphones go, sound pretty impressive. I was reluctant to pay more than £30 as they were going to be used solely for my pocket rig and would therefore take quite a battering. I had never tried Sound Magic earphones before and the E10's had only just been released so there were no reviews to guide my decision. Despite being a little over my budget I decided to take a chance and I purchased them...
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Great earphones for the price!


Pros: Highs and bass. Build quality. Value. Braided cable. Soundstage. Comfort.

Cons: Mids. Isolation.

These earphones are some of the best I've used at this price range; it's fantastic value for money. The sound quality is very good. The highs are clear, crisp and have a nice sparkle to them that isn't overwhelmingly harsh. Likewise, the bass is also very nice, loud and punchy without drowning out the mids or highs. Speaking about the mids, they have good clarity but feel a bit recessed compared to the bass or treble. It would be nice if the mids were just a bit more forward. Soundstage is also surprisingly spacious, and creates an airiness to the sound and vocals. Next is build quality. The build is extremely solid and tough for £30 earphones, due to the aluminium construction. The...
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Excellent value for money


Pros: Great sound quality, build quality, plenty of ear fit options included

Cons: A bit fatiguing on long listening sessions

If you bear in mind how these are typically going to be used and the price point they are at, these are really good. The bass is a bit big and bouncy and the overall clarity is not as good as some other in ear headphones. However like I said these are typically going to be used on the commute in a noisy background environment rather than critical listening, thus the lack of clarity is not really an issue. They appear to be well build but I have only has them for a week so I will have to wait and see how well they stand up to daily abuse.   They come with a wide selection of tips to suit all sizes. They also come with a great little carry case so you don't end up with a ball of wire...
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Awesome headphones


Pros: Good sound/ nice design/ accesories

Cons: Isolation

Hello, I own these headphones for over a month now after changing them over my panasonic hje rpe 140. first of all, they have really good sound quality. They have beaten my panasonic hje rpe 140 like nothing and they even vere better than sennheiser hd 205 which are 2 times more expensive. They have awesome bass and really good mids, however highs are just better than normal to me. Fitting was a problem only at the start (later i found better eartips) and there is no need to be worried about thick headphones "barrels" because they fit really good anyway. But even though they fit good isolation is only normal and really could be better. However, if you are high-volume listener then...
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Your Best Bet for Budget IEMs


Pros: Great Soundstage, Attractive Appearance, Great Sound, Good Packaging and "Goodies".

Cons: Some Design Gripes, Static Interference, SLIGHT Driver Flex.

I have been on a noble quest to find the best budget IEM for many years now. I realized that in the under $15 category many of these IEMs have crippling issues such as bad build quality or terrible comfort even if they may sound good. I decided to spend just a touch more on a pair of IEMs that everyone on the internet seemed to really enjoy. I was glad I did. The Soundmagic E10 has now become the IEM I use on a daily basis. I am very glad I picked them up. At only $35 you'd be crazy not to.    First things first, let's talk about sound quality. Before I tested them, I burned them in for around 10-ish hours to hopefully settle the drivers. The sound at a glance at first seemed...
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Really big bang for a buck. Good sound and build in these.


Pros: Price, overall sound, sturdy cable, build quality.

Cons: Cable is a bit stiff. Fitting could be a bit better.

Because i am wearing helmet when biking and longboarding i cant use my trusted Sennheiser PX100 on those kind of activity i went in ear. i didnt´t want to spend much, max 100 euros, because i do my serious listening mainly in my home and to be honest, didn´t think that you can have proper sound from inear monitors, unless you spend big bucks for it. Well let me tell you: i was wrong.   Sound of these little fellows are very pleasant indeed. Lots of bass and it goes low, but by a lot, i dont mean that they are over hyped. It just is there, when needed. There are little bump on upper mids, so some songs gould get a bit boxy, but its very minor bump, so...
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Good IEMs at price, balanced but engaging bass; minor nerves over build/cable entry points


Pros: Engaging bass without being tiresome, ok fit

Cons: unsure on build quality, not as much detail as some others in <£30 price range

Having been used to JVC HA-FX51Cs, which lasted quite well for me (I go through IEMs every year or two either through loss/breakage), these feel a little plasticy and aren't _quite_ as solidly held in my ear but don't come out any easier than most others (but minor difference point). I worry about the points where the cable enters the ; and that unflexible cable really does want to stay how it was in the box it came in! I've not noticed microphonics except when I'm wearing them without music and the cable rubs occasionally. They are slightly more effort to roll/coil up and stick in a pocket but the tie-clip (or shirt-clip) attached is sort of handy.   The highs and bass when...
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Great sound quality for budget phones, but poor build quality.


Pros: Sound stage, low price but good sound!

Cons: Build quality

Before I start, I'd like to let you know that this is my first review on head-fi and that I am not actually an audiophile, so this review is from a 'normal consumer' perspective. Thereby I am Dutch, so there could be some grammar flaws throughout this review, excuse me for that. ------------------------------   This was my first pair of 'better' headphones than the normal stock headphones delivered with my HTC One X.  When unpacked I was already enthusiastic about the number of tips that came with the 'phones. As a beginner I immediately put them on and started listening.. and I was blown away! The sound was so detailed and wide, it was like I was listening to...
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