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A Review On: Sony Xperia S Black

Sony Xperia S Black

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Pros: Great performance for price, Good camera, Sound Quality

Cons: Battery Life,

Performance: Generally really well. Shouldn't lag at all with normal usage. Should be able to handle most modern apps. I managed to get around 8000 on Antutu Benchmark. Currently runs Android 4.0.4 with Android Jelly Bean scheduled later. Not too much built in Sony useless stuff.


Camera: One of the best for a phone


Design: Pocket friendly and comfortable to hold. Nice looks


Battery life: Terrible. Half a day with average use


Sound quality: Really nice. The software equalizer settings works rather well. The pre-installed music app (Walkman) is very user friendly and also very powerful. Though you can get many other different music players from the Play Store.


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