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Sony XBA-H3 In-ear

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #193 in Universal Fit


Pros: Detacheable cable, highs are not harsh, sound good

Cons: Average isolation, Boomy bass

These headphones are well constructed, altought they already have a tiny chip on the paint (right bud), they come with basic accesories like a case, tips in SS, S, M and L sizes, as well foam-filled tips for improved isolation in S, M and L sizes, a smartphone cable and a normal audio cable for use in mp3 players that don't support remote control or Mic.


I love the fact one can remove the cable when it breaks, instead of tossing your investment to the trash when the wrie breaks, I was tired of this having to throw earbuds and headphones because a broken wire/solder joint.


Sound quality is fine but not excellent as my MDR-1R, these have a mid-bass boost (I presume factory defect or bad engineering), they can sound really bad in songs that have bass like fro example a French Harpsichord which has a robust bass notes (16' stops) making the record sound as it was played on a 40's horn speaker. songs that don't feature prominent bass like masses by palestrina they do shine as well with hi-res audio they do shine.


I assume they do need an amp to overcome this bass bump or EQ on your DAP to tame the bass..


When it comes to isolation they don't do isolate well, you can hear outside even with the so called foam.filled tips, in  a noisy office environment, car, train etc they are practically useless, due to a small vent on the casing, My previous XBA-1 isolated way better and did not had this bass like dr. dre's beats


Pros: Isolation, Sound, Design, Look

Cons: Price, kind of.

I had previously used the Sennheiser IE60's before buying these. They sounded great but it still lacked some of the sound production that I got out of BA's. But full BA's lacked the bass that I loved from my IE60's. When I tried these out; I immediately knew that I needed to buy these. And for 30% less than MSRP it was a complete steal. All ranges are incredibly produced while the bass still has tons of kick while not losing any of the definition.




The highs and mids are crystal clear. The BA's that Sony included pump out silky smooth sounds to sooth your ears. The bass is where this really shines. The dynamic driver included has the ability to be so powerful that it drowns out the other sounds. With moderation (I simply changed the equalizer on my Cowon J3) it'll sound big but now overpowering; while also keeping songs that don't require a lot of bass nice and tame (ie, the bass is perfectly balanced going from EDM to classical). The isolation on this is just as good as the sound quality. Slip on the tips that are foam filled and you'll hear almost nothing from the outside. This was extremely useful to me since I use a loud train to commute everyday and I usually end up forgetting how loud it usually is.




The number of tips that Sony provides is top tier. The aforementioned tips give it the premium feel that these puppies should have. The cable is also interchangeable. If you want the cable that has a microphone+remote then simply disconnect the buds, swap the new cable in and you're good to go. The housing on this is also fairly large; but with the cable design for sitting on your ear, you don't even notice its there. It removes most of the weight and the only time you notice them on your head is when you need to wear a hat that covers your ears.


Pros: Pretty much everything. There isn't anything missing from what's included.

Cons: The price. At $350 I'd still buy them; but I feel it's still steep for IEMs. But on sale at $240; it's a steal. Worth every penny that I paid.

Sony XBA-H3 In-ear

FeatureHybrid 3-way driver unit delivers precise sound
TitleSony XBA-H3
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement4905524929249
Package Height2.32 inches
Package Length6.85 inches
Package Weight0.52 pounds
Package Width3.98 inches
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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