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A Review On: Sony XBA-C10IP Balanced Armature In-Earphone - White

Sony XBA-C10IP Balanced Armature In-Earphone - White

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Pros: SQ to price ratio, lightweight, good fit, can output bass response with EQ

Cons: Thin bass without EQ, thin cables

I was someone who listen to a lot of electronic music, and tried many sub $50/100 earphones that are mostly bass heavy like CX300, EP630, Klipsch S4 etc, I was satisfied with their better than stock earbud sound.

One day I saw that one on sale and gave it a chance, since I've heard of BA having clear sound compared to dynamic. I was disappointed at first, due to the obvious weakness in bass, and I stopped using them for a while until I played around with my J3's EQ, adding bass and to my surprise, it is able to have adequate bass after all. Progressively I grew used to it, then when I switch back to these bass heavy earphones, they sound so much more muddy in comparison, I immediately missed the clarity that the C10s offer.

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Must admit, these phones amazed me with price to sound quality ratio. They also scale very well with better dac and amp. They are not that sensitive, I could use them with iDSD at 100% volume without loosing my hearing. When added my Pan Am to the chain, they sounded astonishing, almost as good as Alpha Dogs. So, really for 50 EUR they are bargain!