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Mental burn in as usual

A Review On: Sony XBA-4SL

Sony XBA-4SL

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Pros: Great treble, bass, vocals are pretty good, good isolation, very comfortable.

Cons: Treble can sparkle due to spike in frequency response at about 6-7khz*, build quality could be better, no shirt clip.

To get the most out of these i use them with normal buds, as the foam ones reduce treble as per usual with foam, without foam in nozzle as it reduces clarity and with the cable over ear because it allows for the earphone to be in a better position.


I bought them from harvey norman for $197 AU, which is cheaper than ebay, hence why i bought them.

For normal retail price (AU $450) they aren't worth it, but for $200? I couldn't buy them quick enough.


My comparison point is my sennheiser ie8's with a sony walkman as a source, so im used to ridiculous bass.


Treble sparkle is annoying, but forgivable.

Seperation is great due to multiple drivers.

Space is average, especially compared to ie8 which have more space than a truck.


Bass is great, its stays even and detailed when you turn up the volume, unlike the ie8 which just get boomy. (boomy is fun for a bit though)
Bass is probably a strong point, due to the super woofer and woofer it has excellent detail, extension and is clearer than glass. It even managed to suprise me with how low it goes, and im used to the ie8 which are practically mini subwoofers!


There overall presentation of sound is not very loved, and many people seem to dislike them but once you mod them and put them in "correctly" they sound very good.

$450 is just too much though, which is why my "local" audiophile store no longer stocks them, which is a shame beacuse i wanted to try the xba-3.

The deisgn is good, very comfortable, but j cord is too long on one side, and too short on other, but it barely bothers me, having no shirt clip does. Leather carry case is cool but too big, so i use sennhesier pouch, hybrid buds are great, i wont bother getting anything else for them.

















Other comments:

Its a good thing i got them too because i had majorly stuffed up the ideal eq setting on my walkman (it has a custom eq), so my music sounded terrible, even though i thought it was fine.


I now use the eq the xba-4's "gave me" for everything, with slight modifcations, and now my ie8's sound much better... Only took me another pair of earphones to figure that out.


Ill clean this up and make it sound like it written by an adult later.

Ti's a real shame the xba-4's cost so much and are so unpopular.




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