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A Review On: Sony XBA-4SL

Sony XBA-4SL

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Pros: Sound, comfort

Cons: Eartips can be longer than it is.

I'm no audiophile and these are my first audiophile grade headphone(Sony claim it so).

Comfort-It is amazing! I thought a 4 BA with such big housing will cause discomfort but no! I was wrong, it is very comfortable. It comes with 4 hybird eartips and 3 noise isolation. It shouldn't go wrong but I hope it can be a little longer.

Isolation-Pretty good! Isolates much of the noise from the outside.

Sound-It sounds great! Nothing is over powered. The treble is slightly weak thought but if are willing to do some modification on it, it's perfect! smily_headphones1.gif

[The mod is perma (once you did it, you can't undo) but it's simple. Remove the foam in the earphones. You might need some tools to remove it. I use toothpick, break it into half and gently remove it] Not much sound changes at first but as you listen to it more, you will find both the highs and lows clarity increased!

1 Comment:

Can it use phonak eartips?
I feel phonak eartips more isolate and more comfort than hybrid eartips...
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