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Not first class.

A Review On: Sony XBA-4SL

Sony XBA-4SL

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Pros: Built

Cons: Sound

Tested the XBA4 vs. the EX1000. So, this might be not the most fair comparison, but shows where (all?) multiway drivers lacks.


No doubt, there are highs, mids and deep tones, the only thing that's hard fo find is music.

Especially if you like voices and wide / open soundstaging. Compared to the non BA, one way dynamic predecessor top model EX1000, I instantly get hitted by the extreme differs in overall sound quality and musicality.


Even my old Klipsch 2 way BA Custom 3 is much better overall. (also it has a little less base and highs, but it makes emotions / music)


IMHO Sonys new top model XBA4 is a extreme draw back. O.K. you have to pay only the half price than the EX1000, but it's not worth it.

To be fair: It's not only a Sony problem, there are many multiway BAs out there with the same shady construction, they all got phase problems caused by to many crossoverpoints and drivers. Some manufacturers do a better job building 4 driver BAs, but none of them made a 'close to perfect' one / reference type, cause it's simply impossible. 


Hope this trend will end soon (like multiway loudspeaker boxes in the 80s), let's see when it ends ... 6 drivers are 'state of the art' now, when will be the point of return? 8 drivers 4 ways? 10 drivers 5 ways?


O.K., enough slagged. Built qualtiy is O.K., but they don't feel comfortable on the long run, sound is adequate for tech / electronic music. You'll find better choices in this price range, better look for other constructions, less ways or dynamic drivers.



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Sony should really stick to making games :))
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